Rocksteady: we do not have a team we do not know how the secondary will be Our next step


Development studio Rocksteady working on projects one by one, and often keep it secret until towards the end of the development process, though now busily at work on Batman: Arkham Knight he does not knowWhat will do after that.Game director Sefton Hill says they are working on Batman games for nearly 8 years, and they really want to do something different, which talked about earlier that their relationship will end Batman games, and said That it is strange that they did not know the end of the tripartite yet what’s going to do after that.He also said they do not have any secondary team and they are focused on one game, and the closing of the Batman trilogy them is an important step because it will determine the Their future, too, and repeat his words by saying that they really do not know what’s going to do after this game.He concluded by saying that they are able to work on the new Batman game, thanks to its world huge, but they will not do so, and it is believed aInsatiable able to work on a new title. If no surprises from this point you in the studio

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