Resident Evil 6 Trainer

Resident Evil 6 Trainer

Play Resident Evil 6 more easily with this trainer .It gives infinite health , Stamina , Herbs and Ammo in addition to super speed and one-hit-kill ability .

Keys :

Home Key : Activate Trainer
F1 : Unlimited Health
F2 : Unlimited Buddie Health/Stamina
F3 : Unlimited Stamina
F4 : Unlimited Herbs
F5 : Unlimited Ammo/No Reload
F6 : No Recoil
F7 : Super Speed
F8 : Super Speed Buddie
F9 : Unlimited Skill Points
F10 : One Hit Kill
Page Up/Prior Key : Bullet Time
Page Down/Next Key : Speed Up
Number 8 : Save Location
Number 9 : Teleport to saved location
Number 0 : Undo Teleport

Credits : LinGon

Download Resident Evil 6 Trainer

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