Dishonored Trainer

Dishonored Trainer

Try this Dishonored trainer to eliminate enemy forces easily ,you can get infinite health , mana and ammo with ability to jump higher and move faster .Also you may teleport to any place you want .

Dishonored Trainer Keys :

f1 -> super health

f2 -> unlimited oxygen under water

f3 -> unlimited mana

f4 -> unlimited ammunition

f6 -> no reload

f7 -> set 99999999 currencies

f8 -> set 999 elixir’s/health potions

f10 -> unlimited runes

page up/prior key -> high jump lite

page down/next key -> Super high jump

end key -> speed hack

ctrl + o key -> one hit kill

ctrl + b key -> bullet time

ctrl + up key -> unlimited bend time

ctrl + down key -> unlimited dark vision

numpad 0 -> store place
numpad 2 -> teleport
numpad 3 -> undo teleportation

Download Dishonored Trainer :
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

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