Counter Strike Source Skins


Are you looking for CS:S MW2 skins , new weapons skins and player models for Counter Strike Source ? Here is my collection of best Counter Strike Source skins including cool ,realistic and funny skins .These are also skins which change CS:S into cartoon style game or make it more bloody .

Download new skin for your favorite CS:S weapon ,you can get a higher resolution model or more realistic one .It’s easy to install , just copy files to “Steam/SteamApps/YOUR_STEAM_ID/counter-strike source/cstrike/” .





Counter Strike Source Cell-Shaded Skin

counter strike source skin Cell Shaded Entities counter strike source skin Cell Shaded Entities counter strike source skin Cell Shaded Entities

Convert all textures for CTs, Ts, hostages , zombies and other entities to cell-shaded materials so you get cool cartoony look for Counter Strike Source .

CSS Cell-Shaded Skin






Counter Strike Source Modern Warfare 2 Skins

MW2 skins + MW3 Skins

This is a collection of Modern Warfare skins for weapons and other models .There are two versions MW2 skins and MW3 Skins .

CSS MW2 Skins (295.15 MB) :
Download CSS MW2 Skins – Mirror 1

Download CSS MW2 Skins – Mirror 2

Package details

CSS MW3 Skins (50.38 MB) :

Download CSS MW3 Skins – Mirror 1

Download CSS MW3 Skins – Mirror 2

Package details




Counter Strike Source Gore Effects

counter strike source gore skin gore1 counter strike source gore skin gore2b

Adds extremely bloody effects to Counter Strike Source ,with new textures for weapons .

Gore Effects




Counter Strike Source Weapons Skins

Best Weapons skins for CS:S

Cool Knife for CSS


Chrome Awp Skin for CS:S


Snark’s Mega M4a1 W/Lam


Play CS:S like Rambo !

M60 – “The Pig”


Navy Seal Tactical HK MP-7 PDW


Battlefield2 AKS-74U


Black Vulcan Minigun




Counter Strike Source Girl skins

counter strike source girl skin female counter strike source girl skin t rowena

Download Girl skin 1

Download Girl skin 2




Funny CS:S Skins Pack


Play CS Source with soccer stars .

CS Source soccer stars skin



Counter Strike Source Zombie skins

You can use these skins with Zombie Mod









[Image] [Image]



[Image] [Image]






[Image] [Image]









[Image] [Image]







Counter Strike Admin Skins

If you are a server admin ,these special models will give you more respect ingame .




[Image] [Image]




[Image] [Image]








[Image] [Image]




[Image] [Image]




[Image] [Image]


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