Counter Strike 1.6 Blue Red Players Skins

Download CS1.6 Blue and Red Players skins to get frags more  easily .
This is undetected to VAC .You can distinguish enemies form team mates quickly .

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  • CS 1.6 Girls Skins CS 1.6 Girls Skins This CS 1.6 skins pack is made for girls playing Counter Strike , with pink background , girls models and radio voice...
  • Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie SkinsCounter Strike 1.6 Zombie Skins This skin pack is useful for Zombie mod ,but you can also use it as player skin for ordinary Counter Strike 1.6 .Some...
  • Counter Strike 1.6 M4A1 Skins Counter Strike 1.6 M4A1 Skins Change the classic M4A1 Skin to one of these cool CS 1.6 M4A1 Skins .Many Counter Strike players say that M4A1 is the...

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