Thursday, April 17, 2014

Story Alnntundu PlayStation - PlayStation "How Sony entered the market the video game industry"

As we enter the eighth generation of gaming devices we want to tell you one of the classic stories of the world of the video game industry, the story of the first projects of home appliances from Sony in collaboration with Nintendo, very little known story of a playoff QEncephalomyelitis first, and perhaps some of the things that if all goes as planned initially to change the world of video games forever, in this report tell you the story and events in order to live it again to get to know the secrets behind the long story between evilCutie "Nintendo and Sony," and the fact that the common defenses:- Nintendo PlayStation story of your dreams on their ownThe story is one of the stories of the legends in the world of video James, what they are looking for many, many here would like BaTo detect cracking cases, if together to jump over the fence and all Ntzlsl through every door locked wrote it (a highly classified and are not allowed to enter) together to see a real device legendary Nintendo PlayStation.Some believe that the story began to your Phelps C dJ any CD-i (in collaboration companies Sony and Philips), but the fact that the story began with the emergence of a new type of tools or volumes dubbed CDs or the CD with the emergence of integrated entertainment devices that provide us with the experience of AlalaAugust in addition to listening to music and watching movies, the story began a CD-i as a joint venture between the two companies Sony and Philips in the mid-eighties AD, the largest percentage in this huge production company was even Phelps ShirkE was controlled on the project by 90% in terms of production, implementation and the remaining was for Sony, which did not find in the future that this project is looking for withdrew calmly and looking for a better future and a better partnership.- Sony R30; Enter the world of GamesThe Sony unruly desire to enter the world Alvedaugimz, did not pay much attention to the constraints in this way because they put the video games market as a target of the necessity of being achievable future market where the big moneyThe biggest success, and due to the market conditions at that time was a partner Quite simply the most appropriate partner is the most successful talk here is certainly on a giant video game industry Japanese company Nintendo.In the year 1988 AD, were areasHarmony between the two Nintendo and Sony that the Sony Corporation to provide a slice of votes audio chip for a Nintendo Super Famicom or next as we know it by name western "Super Nintendo":In the meantime, has a pBagherh Sony Corp. (Ken Kotraja) purchased a Alvamicom or as known to our family in the name of his sons, was not convinced much Kotraja device capabilities and headed directly to the company Nintendo to showcase the latest technologies in audio chip Sony and eNa was agreed to use a slice Sony's own audio device next Nintendo (Super Nintendo), which was costing too much to produce, you need to use several work in Sony and expensive.After agreeing to useSlice Sony audio Nintendo, Sony entered the Convention on other, more powerful and more dangerous to the world of video James, he co-device which will provide laser discs as the beginning of a new era of integrated Games and Entertainment, The LineE Home to be the new device is compatible with a new generation of the company at the time, Nintendo (Super Nintendo).Sony began its journey to produce the new device, which depends on (IT disc Ripper) This was not the formula enshrinedHate to be issued about 18 months before the start of work on the device, the device dubbed (Super Disc), a device capable of playing Super Nintendo games Alcarterj cylinders as well as hacks and Sony is the only company that T.Granting rights to produce games device, in that period found "Heriache Aamacha" president of Nintendo cylinders that already will have a major role in the evolution of the world of video James, his company began research and development in eThe area across the opening of the special sections so big budget.Former head of Nintendo did not realize the seriousness of his contract with Sony
Nintendo was looking for a new storage alone offers more space and achieve greater profit, and in the meantime, did not pay aFor occupying their company Nintendo any interest contract signed with Sony but you really Landry was a mistake, or the fact that the short-sightedness of Nintendo Company officials thought that the company is one of the ownership of things despite the fact that it confirms the truth that things are inSony's interest in secret.Gossip and rumors began to emerge, Sony Corp. and lawyers during the writing of the contract agreement with Nintendo thereby ensuring that the right to complete any profits played sold-cylinder device common between the two companies, and this Profit is basically the thing that Nintendo discussed with him did not know that the new partner may save his or her rights

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