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Review Spring 2014 anime season

Greetings to visitors of the gate valued customers, we offer you the review, which deals with the usual seasonal spring season 2014 Japanese anime. At first glance it seems that the season and misses to the work that has the ability to entitledIk Invincible popularity as usual in the spring seasons (like the Giants last year), but if you look closely you'll find that this season varied enormously, and carries with it a lot of business that will often keep you busy Quality and high level.(Note: We have a surprise for a simple, dear readers at the end of the report!)
Mushishi Zoku Shou />Type: metaphysics - ambiguity - Drama
Studio: Artland
Almlan number of episodes: 12 episodes
Release Date: Saturday, April 5th, 2014About:
"Mushi" ... objects do not just like any other objects. Some might say that the bench-like insects, but they do not qualify nowTme of the Kingdom of insects, animals or plants, but is closer to the origin of life, Radma exotic nature of the wall between the two worlds and the perceived Allamehsus.
Mushi cause creatures often phenomena GoreRespondents Bdharrha affecting humans, which requires the existence of "Almosiche," individuals who have dedicated their lives of human beings to understand and study the various Alsnov of Mushi in order to solve the problems and disasters that come out. Our hero "Ginko &# 8221; Is one of those. Continue his travels between rural Japanese researcher on the effects of Mushi, trying to raise its harm on the residents of these areas.
However, the fact that there is a time to reflect Ginko wherever degrades feet: Mushi creatures are notSinister in nature, and do not deliberately cause damage humans beings, but they are trying to co-exist with nature in their own way.Expectations of team work:
Here we stand again in the presence of the work is one of the most generous generously by the anime industry in the contractD past the eyes of many critics and observers. After watching all the episodes of the first season over and over again, I can only add my voice to the voices of those without resistance. Each is a chapter of the manga Moshihi a template from a pureFor innovation and renewal, where the reader can hardly turn the pages of the manga, but finds of creative ideas and creative figures in the stories, and the capabilities of Mushi curiosities, and methods "Genco" in resolving the dilemmas, what generally hard toThe whole.Litt and characterize the work stops when the manga only, as the director refused "Najama Hiroshi" to provide a dry experience is no different from the manga, but the presence of sound, color and movement, Vtfnn in these elements, and mix ČßíÝíSay its artistic counterpart, Vantqy representatives of the sound carefully, and put music masterminding, and hired a grim tones consistent with the nature of the story, and gave the combination changed and shaped to conform with the spirit and the idea of ​​the cause of each episode individually with all the awareness and elegance. SleeveIf he wanted a filmmaker and his team - which is no less a talent - that Ahdia through each episode of the series and meal intellectual saturated, Semitic message, Naqah impact, integrated elements, Mdgdgh for all the senses, for the lovers of beautiful art.I This recipe sailed contemplative Relaxation Bmtabaa first season between episodes, although there is no sequential story of the events of the series, did not Ankv someone asking for more of the same recipe, and here are their hopes realized the return of team work for ASTKamal remainder of Ginko charming adventures. Unlike Najahama sitting on the director's chair, took Mkhrzina Messrs. Aziz him again "and Takeshi Lucky" and "Omakoa Yoshihiko" directors of the art and the process of AlthRick respectively. In addition to bringing "Kazuya Tanaka" way out for votes again, a man who did not ignore his contribution to the employment of sound effects for the ears of followers, was an essential factor in highlighting the experience Sensory which excelled in the first part of their submission. As remakes "Toshio Masuda," composed work, was presented in the previous section Mazova inundated us in his world breathtaking, melodies tune with the spirit of the series to grades superhero deepened inOur hearts the conviction that creativity presented by the acclaimed composer in the first part of the anime Naruto (Yes, I'm talking about music Anime Naruto I) was not coincidental.There is no need to urge viewers to watch the first season of this ElmoThe new CM, I am convinced that they will do so voluntarily, and without any conditions. As for other people, would only say that the views of this work is due to everyone who believes in art as a medium Balonumei the first place.
Type: Sports, Shonen.
Studio: Production I.G
Release Date: Sunday, April 6, 2014
Declared number of rings: Unknown.Digest:
After the defeat inflicted hero "Shouyou Hinata "by the player" Tobio Kageyama "in the regular opener and most recently for club volleyball in junior high school, decided to join the school" Karasuno "secondary PickUm first of his rival Kageyama.Expectations of team work:
Manga got Haikyuu! Anime on two years after issuance and thanks to the great sweep achieved by Alonmyat sports recently, this success was a big factor lateHarid Quote studios produced a lot of this work in the past period, and the biggest proof of that is the presence of three acts of sports this season. Haikyuu! Anime manga adapted from a popular low total, which is one ofA few works that focus on the story, "volleyball", this sport rarely seen, where did they get only three works only for the duration of the anime industry, namely "" Attack No.1, "Ashita e Attack! "And" Attacker You! , "And all the work of an ancient period of the sixties and the seventies and eighties, all of whom are also mentors to the category of" shojo "(actions that target femaleSpecifically), it seems that the volleyball great popularity as a sport, but a global oppressed and a few popular anime in the sector, unfortunately, but ... what Adrakm? Perhaps the success of the anime Haikyuu! - That happened - will increase the popularity of ActsMoney volleyball in Japan.Studio-based work is characterized by Production IG, who works at a big production and fees elaborate chain, so we can be assured of this area, but for a way outThe work will be Mr. Susumu Mitsunaka who possesses no Brshehadh only one working just ejected from a Cuticle Detective Inaba, who appeared modest level Ajarajia This would force us to a little apprehensive at the excretory Uncle's, And especially that the output Balonmyat sports is very important to create enthusiasm and excitement. Let's put that aside now, Valmswol for the task of writing and coordinator of the story is Mr. Qadeer Taku Kishimoto, who previously worked in writingAnd coordination of the story on "Usagi Drop" and "Gin no Saji" In spite of the lack of work, but it is known for its quality large quotation work excellently, and Usagi Drop good example of this. And finally we comeTo composing, There is no doubt that the tunes play a big role and important merger with events and making a spirited atmosphere, Mr. Yuki Hayashi will work on composing this work, and I am pleased to assure you, dear reader, that composed thisFor an excellent person and the level of awesome! He worked on some Alonmyat such as Robotics; Notes and Gundam Build Fighters have earned the admiration and demand by viewers of this business.Anyway, after seeing the chapters ofThe first of manga ... seems to work will focus on the competitive side and the difference between the figures dramatically as we used from the likes of Korruko Alonmyat sports and other ... The work of Aakhalo of exciting moments and pregnancyAceh, some amusing moments here and there, plus it does not neglect the aspect of daily life, and this will help to develop his characters are Akpro more logical. That has been exploited by the competition this work well, VBAThe possibility to get out for less than a wonderful experience from other Alonmyat other sports, the relationship between the characters, particularly between the two heroes and Hinata Kageyama good but needs further development and attention, can also work lightedFe largest element of suspense in the upcoming events. Despite the presence of a lot of big names this season, I think that Haikyuu!! Will have its share of attention Like other acts of the season, all, watch the episodesThe first will be capable of knowing the level of work.



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