Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hideo Kojima was willing to be an astronaut or a policeman

All starts from scratch and Hideo Kojima was once a simple people inside Konami, young and inexperienced skill and proper management, but has become the most important day of the developers on the scene, Kojima talked previously about being in the stage of what was It also now interested in movies, but he talked them out for more of his dreams.Hideo Kojima said that when he was young, it was dreamed to be an astronaut, and added that he could not do so, but happy that he at least is able to ZSaw him the world thanks to his career, Complete by saying that at some point wanted to be a person interested in endangered animals, and he was thinking that the investigator with the Los Angeles police.Recently, he spoke about the games developer AliabaNe on the way, saying that it is difficult to wounded and frustrated that he was not able to eat for the disappointment that followed the cancellation of his first game and the subsequent people around him where he faced hurtful words such as "is not a person and as a beginner, but His first project failed project because he did not even see the light. "Hideo Kojima says he does not want his name associated with that game Metal Gear and he hoped that inventing something new even if not successfully played the first, it wants to leave aNtbaa well with the players, at least in his toys can turn to the person who loves, Hideo Kojima stopped by Los Angeles police, Put your hands behind your head and Antbh on the ground, well qualified to

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