Friday, April 18, 2014

Showing a new Kirby: Triple Deluxe "Kirby ste"

Nintendo does not skimp on us and we get back on display for the new game Kirby: Triple Deluxe coming exclusively for the 3DS, the video shows the usual Kirby ste with a range of abilities that you will have the opportunity to use from

Showing the launch of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for smartphones

The players were waiting until now the game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from Activision, the Gameloft preceded by step and issued its game on the iOS devices and Android, the game is open to the other will contain a world with many professionsUm Stdekm and in the face of evil famous six figures, you can see the

The Xbox One and 5 million units sold to stores

Microsoft today announced through a press release n the arrival of the domestic sales of its console Xbox One barrier to the 5 million units sold to stores (shipments).This number becomes the sales of Xbox One faster than the sales of the Xbox 360 by 60%The same period and also in terms of the percentage of sales of games buy games on the device up to 2.9 a game with each device sold which is very high, remember that the Xbox One of the most expensive rival, the Playstation 4 with an additional $ 100 and alsoNot me

Thursday, April 17, 2014

.: Agarest: Generations Of War Zero - Trainer Released!


Display advertising for Curses' N Chaos project developers new Mercenary Kings

Curses 'N Chaos is a new project of the independent team that issued the game Mercenary Kings, a game that announced her arrival for the PS Vita recently, Curses' N Chaos game cooperatively with the classic graphics published this year To

.: Eterium - Trainer Released!


Showing a lengthy propaganda of the game Ultra Street Fighter IV

The new version of the game Street Fighter IV to be issued this year on the summers devices Arcade and later on home appliances Jie previous day to get a new display stands and a lengthy review our new characters and AladhavS offered by the game.The game will be issued a copy shops and a digital copy as well as an addendum will be issued to those who have one of the previous version of the game released

.: Contagion - Trainer Released!


Story Alnntundu PlayStation - PlayStation "How Sony entered the market the video game industry"

As we enter the eighth generation of gaming devices we want to tell you one of the classic stories of the world of the video game industry, the story of the first projects of home appliances from Sony in collaboration with Nintendo, very little known story of a playoff QEncephalomyelitis first, and perhaps some of the things that if all goes as planned initially to change the world of video games forever, in this report tell you the story and events in order to live it again to get to know the secrets behind the long story between evilCutie "Nintendo and Sony," and the fact that the common def

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Showing launch game bikes Alerkidah Trials Fusion

Game Alerkidah Trials Fusion bikes are now available and starting from the 24th of this month for the PC, so the company partnered Ubisoft publisher of the game show ever, the game enables you to post to play with four players while As previously Okhbernakm you wait for more time to get a pattern of play collectively over the network.The game is available for the PC, the P

You will learn about the capabilities of Shisui Uchiha for the first time a game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Naruto game to new devices Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and PC issued the month of September and will be charged with a new chapter of the story we have not seen before, whether or Palmannaga Anime.It is during this week's issue of the journal cJapanese MP has been detected a new chapter in the story of the game will focus on the personal Shisui Uchiha and writing Almannagaka behind the series of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto and you will learn through the chapter on the capabilities of this mysterious figure and use it for oneMonths of techniques Alochha "Susanoo", you inhabitants of the magazine to

.: Smugglers 5 - 10 Years Anniversary - Trainer Released!


More listings from Sony this week, and a picture of what looks like a small-sized device PS4

It seems that Sony has some pleasant surprises this week, after four days, counting from the day yesterday, April 14, Chris Owen the Community Manager to sign the Playstation in Europe, wrote a series of tweets accompanied by BossSubject to what the device looks like a small PS4.Chris said that there are many new news coming this week, and added that it would be four days after starting the day yesterday, as we mentioned, the image associated with his account in the PTwitter me show what looks like a device the Playstation 4 is small in size.The device can be an external hard drive, can also b

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

.: Men Of War Assault Squad 2 - Trainer Released!


Showing launch Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

As planned, the role-playing game from Atlus that bears the name Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars derogatory backpacker on two of the Vita and the 3DS just a digital copy, you collect a special team to save the world and you Aterra humiliationK Aki_aq number of stages

Hideo Kojima was willing to be an astronaut or a policeman

All starts from scratch and Hideo Kojima was once a simple people inside Konami, young and inexperienced skill and proper management, but has become the most important day of the developers on the scene, Kojima talked previously about being in the stage of what was It also now interested in movies, but he talked them out for more of his dreams.Hideo Kojima said that when he was young, it was dreamed to be an astronaut, and added that he could not do so, but happy that he at least is able to ZSaw him the world thanks to his career, Complete by saying that at some point wanted to be a person in

Amazon: the postponement of the date of issuance of the PC version of the game Dark Souls II again

Sale site on the web Amazon dividing the communion with the British from the book version of the PC game Dark Souls II to inform them of the postponement of the date of issuance of the game to the next date of May 2.Dark Souls II issued on AlojhzIts home next to March, while the PC version was delayed for the month of April and now you get a postponement of a new issue to May, Bandai Namco game publisher has not made any comments

Showing Senemaúa version of Western Freedom Wars

After the announcement of the game Freedom Wars-Western version and set a date in June for Japan got a special offer, but Sony will not be satisfied with this, and we also offer Senemaúa than three minutes. Now we keep waiting for the date of issuanceWestern version of inspectors

Monday, April 14, 2014

Report: Ubisoft largest publisher in France and 80% of the country's population playing video games

French gaming market known significant growth and is a big part of the proceeds of the gaming market in addition to being a global featuring many publishing companies and development studios and perhaps one of the most famous of which Ubisoft by the French Agency for the worAugust video occupies the first rank as the largest publisher in France.A large margin between them and the rest of the companies are considered the largest publisher Ubisoft in France in the market, "Digital Software" section in the games, followed by Gameloft whileTakes a development studio Quantic Dream seventh place and

.: Strike Suit Zero - Directors Cut - Trainer Released!


Nintendo cut prices for game 5 of the main 3DS

Through an official statement issued by the company today announced that Nintendo and the beginning date of April 22, the current rates will be reduced from five major titles on the 3DS apparatus mobile markets of North America 39.99 to $ 29.99 countriesR, a list of games includes:Mario Kart 7Super Mario 3D LandNew Super Mario Bros. 2Animal Crossing: New LeafDonkey Kong Country Returns 3DThis reduction includes a copy shops, as well as the digital version of this onlySaliva and certainly will be a good opportunity for those who will acquire for a period acces

Gucamelee developers reveal new venture Severed

DrinkBox Studios is the development team behind the game Gucamelee and Action, which had been well received by the players and more importantly, the level of distinguished critics with the issuance on various digital stores.Today reveals the development team for His new project titled "Severed" a classification game variety, as described by the development team which carry with them the elements of the Action Games and RPGs and games trenches, the game is scheduled for released next year on onlyNeedles smart and wants the team also issued on the various

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review Spring 2014 anime season

Greetings to visitors of the gate valued customers, we offer you the review, which deals with the usual seasonal spring season 2014 Japanese anime. At first glance it seems that the season and misses to the work that has the ability to entitledIk Invincible popularity as usual in the spring seasons (like the Giants last year), but if you look closely you'll find that this season varied enormously, and carries with it a lot of business that will often keep you busy Quality and high level.(Note: We have a surprise for a simple, dear readers at the end of the report!)
Mushishi Zoku Shou <br

TitanFall game was going to be a game or a story powerful spy game

Many projects appear totally different from what it was, and sometimes can take the initial versions of the games to make it a different game entirely, independent, TitanFall game is never the other were not the way that we got in theA last resort for the Xbox hardware and personal computer.During the exhibition Pax this year talked about the fact that the game developers are in advanced stages were very different, the game is in the planning table was going to be one of the four projects team spoke for twoOf them, it was the first game will be played individually with a powerful story, it was

Two new environment for Dragon Age: Inquisition

We follow our tour tourist Bertm slow again with Dragon Age: Inquisition Western role-playing game from BioWare with two new environment appear to play again, in addition to the previous pictures can not say that diversity is what LinqR this game that made this year on the personal computer hardware and Sony and Microsoft for two generations

Dragon Quest VIII for smart phones may get a copy of Western

After it is released on the Playstation 2 in 2006, got the game Dragon Quest VIII on a new version for smartphones copy only Japanese but is clear that Square Enix considering issuing a copy of which is also a Western.Japanese company Recently, the registration name Journey of the Cursed King is a subtitle for the game of the U.S. Office of Rights and brand names, the office that registers the names of the games also any product like it, of course it is not BtakThe hands of an official of the company.Name registration is only the first step s

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Showing playing New Trails Fusion shows Playgroup

The 16th of this month will be your time with Game Trails Fusion of Ubisoft, and display that you see this time allows us to take a look at where teamwork can post play with other players and compare your results with them, aIssued for the game on the PC, the Xbox 360, the

The first images of the game Underwater Subnautica inside play

Unknown World studio has finally reached the stage can show some pictures of the inside PLAYED Subnautica which rotates in the Underwater World, the two images Mojuztin from pre-alpha, so look is simple to operate, and by, the gameAs a reminder of the game takes place in a world wide under the water, where you use your equipment and Guastkm for exploration

.: BROFORCE - Trainer Released!


Showing enthusiasm for a new Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Kirby ste shows once again by offering a new and spirited play, the game is waiting on your 3DS in the month of May next year and will be an opportunity to run for a new adventure, this time with

Friday, April 11, 2014

Showing playing a new game Bound by Flame focuses on fighting

A closer look of the game again Bound by Flame and its control method, the game is considered the most ambitious project for the French team Spiders despite the limited development budget again, game roles and of course contain a different set of Fighting styles, which explains it to you this video. Waiting game on the PC, the Xbox 360 and devices

Photos Game Totem project developers Max: The Curse of Brotherhood's new

Finally we get a look at the project studio Press Play Microsoft subsidiary standing behind the game Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, which is also working on a game Tentacles: Enter the Mind undeclared officially reported.Game goodsExpe mysteries of two-dimensional code development and carry Totem where you control Besnumein and end stage bypass various obstacles, the game is playable with someone else, too. The game geared for Xbox One, but we do not rule out issuing pLi other devices

DriveClub will not contain any internal purchasing system "Microtransaction"

DriveClub issued on the PS4 as an alternative to simulation games Gran Turismo will be the forerunner to put players behind the wheel on your Sony for the eighth generation, but there is a simple question, how many cars that can be purchased through a real currencyFrom within the game? The answer is simple, not one.Director of creative development within the studio says that the game will not contain any internal purchasing system, the traditional Microtransaction his name, which of course does not mean that the game will not Thoudy BmahtoAdditional mechanisms will be predominantly driven by t

Dragon Age: Inquisition will not get new characters through additional content.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Western role-playing game from BioWare and Electronic Arts are trying to deploy fix things after the players upset of the second part, and answer questions from players about the additional content for the game F.Developer announced their unwillingness to issue new characters through additional content.The game will contain ten characters and know the presence of Cassandra, Iron Bull and Sera, Solas, Varric Add to Vivienne will be announced before the release of the restThe end of the game on the PC and the devices Xbo

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The premiere of The Last of Us: Remastered shows a few seconds of the game

Warning! : Display burned to contain one of the areas and beautiful moments in the game, it is advisable not to watch but have not finished the game.Waiting for the lengthy presentation of the game The Last of Us: Remastered enhanced version of the game of the Playstation 3 Exclusive The Last of Us we get very few seconds of what it will look like the game, the game was an impressive show up on the device Sony's previous generation, so without a doubt the result as you would expect, a short presentation without a doubt, but will not wait much To

Sales bluegrass - Ray in Japan (March 31 - April 6) and sweep the legendary film Madoka Magica

Sales Albulurai you drive in Japan for the period between 31 March to 6 last month from April current:* 1. 127,501 127,501 Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari Limited Edition
* 2. ** 9,872 ** 9,872 Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari Regular Edition
* 3. ** 8,458 ** 8,458 Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova Vol.4
* 4. ** 7,893 ** 7,893 Kill la Kill Vol.4 Limited Edition
* 5. ** 2,681 ** 2,681 Kyoukai no Kanata Vol.4
* 6. &# 12288; ** 2,060 * 35,324 Monogatari Series: Second Season Otorimonogatari Vol.2 Nadeko Med

Sony will soon announce new information and the date of issue for The Last Guardian by Famitsu

It seems that we finally get rid of the Declaration of classic Sony "game The Last Guardian is still under development," and that standing on the response that I got it Famitsu that did not shy from asking the question again about the Sony Game.According to the source, the Japanese company will soon announce new information for its game exclusive The Last Guardian, which does not rule out the presence of a copy of PS4, the company will accompany the date of issuance of this we do not know if taRekha final or rough.E3 2014 may finally be the date on which awaits

The majority of the members of the development team, "Nuti Duke" moved to work on the project Uncharted PS4 and the rest of the game TLOU remastered

If it seems that the idea of ​​dividing the development team Naughty Duke to the development of my team has been changed, it is during a new interview with the main elements of the team page PlayStation Access occur Bruce Straley and Evan Wells about the new version of Game The Last Of Us PlayStation 4 next summer this year.Through the interview reveals the transition team for the bulk of its elements the current time to work on the new Uncharted game for the PlayStation 4 and the rest of them working on the gameThe Last Of Us Remastered, remember that the key elements of the team were no

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What happened! Metal Gear Solid Rising

We are back with a new episode again from an article, "What happened!" To bring down the curtain on one of the addresses of games that did not see the light of the market completely after disclosure or one of the projects that have changed very much curled up periodT issued differently from the official disclosure that got it and our guest today is the game "Metal Gear Solid Rising".The game, which was unveiled Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 Teaser over 2009 displays a simple but bExhibition of 2010 and through Microsoft's press conference with the appearance of Hideo Kojima on the stage for

.: Lego: The Hobbit - Trainer Released!


Open the door of the demand for pre-machine the Omni "Mat letter to control your movements in the game."

First appearance dates back to the floor of the Omni playing a year from now, and managed the company's innovative Virtuix get the support of the players during the successful campaign to support the site to become the Kikckstarter can now be booked in exchange for $ 499 without additionalSpyware for additional expenses.The Omni is a machine resembling sports machinery, as it works to capture your movement and transfer to play device and therefore can dispense with a stick or move Mizar in the regular console traditional, the Omni MedicineAmos keep you in a comfortable position Bhzamha which A

View behind the scenes of what design offers two-dimensional in inFAMOUS Second Son

May seem special offers games as well as a difficult thing, but offers two-dimensional pictures look like the stories in fact much easier than it is, at least this is what we proclaim this special offer studio SUCKER PUNCH and game inFAMOUS Second

First Trailer English interpreter for the film's New Persona 3

Here's the first Trailer for the film Persona 3 has a new English translation (Subtitles), will be issued a copy Blu - Ray M.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are pirates began their game Titanfall?

It seems that one of the Pirates of the network game lovers Titanfall has found a strange way to increase the speed of his personality, it is through the PC version of the game for the players noted that one of the people who play with him has become a superhero speed comparedThem!Below the display showcases such Alohr us and we know that the game not offer any tools to increase the speed and so on, and it seems that the development team Respawn Entertainment and EA issuing them quick updates before the spread of these things thatReduce a lot of fun playing on the collective network:

Composer classic Castlevania games ready to work on the game Flying Hamster II

As previously conveyed to you the game Flying Hamster II've got to drive their own support site on the Kickstarter continuing even now that it wishes through which developers have The Game Atelier get 150 thousand dollars.The team was working on the game waiting to assemble the financing needs of the Japanese composer Michiru Yamane is ready to support the project Supporting Players of the game, Michiru Yamane Bolhanha known in parts of the CastlevaniaAdd to classic Suikoden.This may be reason enough for some to support this project in waiting to see the results, you can visit our report the f

.: Starpoint Gemini 2 - Trainer Released!


Game Kingdom Under Fire II will look better on the PS4

The MMORPG game have two copies so far despite the fact that the developers are discussing the possibility with Microsoft released the Xbox One, so you choose between the two, although the graphics task you have then you have Revocation Pal PS4.Sang Youn Leen game producer spoke about the comparisons between the two versions, saying that it is a bit tricky because the PC players will be angry to learn that the PS4 has the best graphics of a computer. It is limited to only PLAYED.NH waiting gameAny month of the PC while the device will get the PS4 later, we recall once again that the players ma

Monday, April 7, 2014

The final presentation for Mercenary Kings is available now for the PS4

Now they are available on the device you get 4 Playstation game Mercenary Kings on the two-dimensional display that shows some of the recent media impressions, the game is also a game dedicated to the players for this month and it is an exclusive reprintA's

Sony visit of Japanese companies by Adam Boyes

Companies are racing since the beginning of the generation to get the greatest possible support from gaming companies and developers, and Sony showed its intention to Aon with various developers to provide different experiences and therefore are trying to reach the developer also Japanese, theDeveloper who got used to it addresses many Japanese do not exceed the limits.Sony has through Adam Boyes, vice president of the relations between the developers and publishers, the American branch of Sony visiting group of Japanese companies as Capcom, Remains unknown reason for the visit and also estab

New display stands for The Amazing Spiderman 2 displays the villain Kingpin

Offers The Amazing Spiderman 2 are continuing with the show, which focuses on the character, also known as Kingpin Wilson Fisk is one of the most famous enemies of Spider-Man, the display also shows some of the other enemies and the rest of the game Mentz

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Showing the launch of a game of chess Pure Chess for the Playstation devices

Chess Pure Chess issued during the month for each of the PS4 and the PS3 so we get the show at all, the game is published in the 15th and 16th of this month to the United States and Europe can also experience Penccht

Diary developers Alien: Isolation "sound effects"

Pachtlavh for the rest Alien: Isolation will be part depends on more than the horror Action & Machahdon in this presentation from the developers diary is the way through which the work on the sounds in the game are serving experience. Waiting for the game this year and in the month of October on the personal computer and the devices Xb

More Offers personalities of the game Transformers Universe

We still quote you the game offers browsers Transformers Universe usual this time with casual play my character Shellshock and Catapult, will not shrink from you also direct you to the site of the game for those who wanted experience in the beta stage.

The premiere of the horror game The Conjuring House of Arab development studio RIM

What you see at the top is the premiere of the game psychological horror The Conjuring House of studio Rym Games is the first game that the team working on the independent and very similar to Game Developers Outlast and actuation by using the yolkRec the Unreal Engine.RIM studio studio is located in the development of Arabic in Morocco (Casablanca), a component of the developers worked on at Ubisoft Prince of Perisa chains and Rayman, the company that formerly owned the signal branches in the Arab world The same city before it is closed.Good luck to the team, who joins a group of independent

Saturday, April 5, 2014

.: FTL: Faster Than Light - Trainer Released!


Showing the launch of the Playstation Vita Pets

It seems that the pet does not speak in the movies only, Small Dogs Pets in the game on the Playstation Vita able to do that and show all this shows us that, with a range of daily activities and adventures you canChoosing your pet and play with him, the rest of the game intended for muzzling

Close games servers Resistance in the coming days and ahead of schedule

Per players attended Resistance yourselves to Todawa pattern teamwork across the network in the near future as planned, but with a time early, while it was supposed to close the development studio Insomniac Games servers in the parts of the gameLast of the month of May will do so in the 8 of this month.Altqtnah news that the Twitter account of your invites us to join the team for the rest of the players on each of Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 for ASTPleasures for the remainder before we say goodbye to all of us to play through

.: Halo: Spartan Assault - Trainer Released


Arrest to China after stealing a truck carrying devices PS4

Not the first time where the thieves stole some games or organs, like the facts are repeated over and over again, this time in south-east France, where the thieves robbed a truck containing 100 beyond your Playstation 4.They thieves stole the truck after the driver threatened with a firearm without attention to the surveillance camera to be ambushed and arrested on the same day, and the devices found in the truck and the others in the house of one of those arrested.CutIts other end were the usual Perhaps they think about selling devices with the high price of what ails lo

A new picture of one of the environments of the game Dragon Age Inquisition

As I used to say, a little is better than nothing, even though we got more than anything related to Dragon Age Inquisition of information, photos and video, and nothing prevents that we get a simple picture of a playing environments.The picture shows bLeah forested with Lake, and can not say that it appears a bit too much, so we will wait for more information from the third part of this address that issue at the end of year two and the Xbox Playstati

Friday, April 4, 2014

Rocksteady: we do not have a team we do not know how the secondary will be Our next step

Development studio Rocksteady working on projects one by one, and often keep it secret until towards the end of the development process, though now busily at work on Batman: Arkham Knight he does not knowWhat will do after that.Game director Sefton Hill says they are working on Batman games for nearly 8 years, and they really want to do something different, which talked about earlier that their relationship will end Batman games, and said That it is strange that they did not know the end of the tripartite yet what's going to do after that.He also said they do not have any secondary team and t

Old boy accidentally discovers the fifth hole to enter the account of his father on the Xbox Live

You know that companies are granting of help in the detection of one of the gaps in some of their rewards, from simple to large, and Kristoffer Von Hassel is five years and one got to find a loophole in the network Xbox Live.San DiLego, California, has access to this account, Jr. and his father on the Xbox Live without that gets its password, how do you do that? Through a loophole Akeshtfha by accident when he tried to enter his father's account and enter the AD groupN random characters, whatever it may insert it happened on the screen to change the password, and since he did not know what he

Showing the launch of Monument Valley for the iOS devices

One of the best games of the iOS by some of the sites and the game-winning impressions are encouraging community of players get the show at all, the game is now available on the iOS devices make you you control the character of Princess Ida and you have a solutionVarious puzzles in the world of three-

New images of the game platforms Child of Light from Ubisoft

Child of Light two-dimensional game from Ubisoft, which combines games platforms and roles issued the end of this month, and the opportunity allows us to take a look at the new through these images, the game made for the PC, theXbox and Playstation of Jilin and the Wii U and I got earlier in the special review of the site.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Japanese gaming market year 2013 to achieve the weakest figures since the year 2013

With the end of March last fiscal year ended commercial video games companies and companies with close its accounts for the past financial year 2013.Dnczyk agency to monitor the sales of Japanese submitted its full year capitalYeh 2013, which reached its sales to 425 billion yen, and this figure is the worst of the gaming market since 2000, the problem is not here, but the problem is to decrease the annual continuing as seen in the picture below:UltraJa came to the biggest hardware sales over the past years, sales of games for The list below shows us the results of games on the sales of each d

.: Scourge: OutBreak - Trainer Released!

Get unlimited health and ammo using this Scourge OutBreak Trainer, also super speed, No reload/explosives and teleport feature.

LEGO The Hobbit may get additional content to supplement the story

As you know the game LEGO The Hobbit quoted the LEGO touch of a trilogy Peter Jackson related that bears the same name will not contain the events of Final Alsenemaúa work, and will keep the story in the game is of course the events of Comedy The film first and second only.Clearly, the Traveler's Tales or TTGames also knows will provide significant additional content after the release of the game in order to end the story, it is uncertain yet remains under the list of rumors. Warner Bros For its part, did not deny anything and also asked the players to follow the news know the game is new.Th

.: Batman Arkham Origins - BlackGate - Trainer Released!


Innovative partner game Portal joins studios to work with Amazon to develop games

It seems that things are moving rapidly with Amazon after the disclosure of the private entertainment device by Amazon FireTV yesterday and customize a completely new studios to develop games in the name of Amazon Games Studios.The latest additions to the teams developmentsWeir own Bomazzon is Kim Swift innovative partner for the game puzzles perspective Portal of the first famous company Valve, Analm What is the role of Kim in the new company, but certainly every name The news will add s

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A new version of Metro: Last Light coming this month by Amazon

The Metro Redux has been confirmed for the new generation and it is apparently more copies of the game in the way and that for the second part, according to the French Amazon site.Waiting for the new version of both parts on the Xbox One, the PS4 and the PC, the previous generation devices may get a new version of Metro: Last Light and carry name Complete Edition, version issued by the site during the 10 of this month.We will not wait too much to make sure the presence of women

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia on its way for the 3DS this year

This week's issue of the journal Gump Japanese reveals a new sub-part of a series of games RPG Tales of Namco Bandai entitled Tales of the World: Reve Unitia for the portable Nintendo 3DS.The game is a game Astratja R BG and spin in the same worlds and characters of the game Tales of the World: Tactics Union previously issued for smart devices did not reveal the fact that the magazine this game is an upgraded version of that or a new game entirely in the same world.Through theGame will play a key chain figures of the previous sections, such as Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia game and Asb

New tool will be added to the game Dark Souls II to make it easier for new players

Mahtervoa loves games series Dark Souls for its challenge is too big for the players through the big difficulty, but this makes the game a slice Call for more players, according to an interview with creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, where complain loSeen from the new players of the difficulty of the game.To resolve this issue will provide a new tool at the end of the month in the name of "effigy: the Bonfire Sybaritic", this tool will reduce the proportion of lives that were obtained by the player after HazimE any enemy and defeat enemies but will make it easier, also the energies of the players will

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

.: Goat Simulator - Trainer Released!


.: Age Of WTF 3 - Trainer Next Up!


The announcement of the game Hellraid: The Escape to the iOS devices

IOS devices get the game on Hellraid: The Escape this year, the game studio Shortbreak a game Action with a touch of horror games, the studio is also working on Hellraid that are exported to the PC and home appliances.Game published on the App Store in the 15 of the month of May versus 3 de

Showing a lengthy propaganda of the game One Piece: Unlimited World Red

This year will be the date the Pirates One Piece fans with a new game adapted from Almannaga and Anime His immense popularity in Japan on the Playstation 3 hardware and feta, as well as the Wii U and 3DS.Japanese fans will get pLee game in June, and the next day we see a lengthy display stands for the game released for the portable Nintendo 3DS in Japan last year and is now reviewing Bandai Namco Ness