Monday, March 31, 2014

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z | Review Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Nerl away games to Ninja Gaiden to try to talk about Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z as a game completely new game that does not really know where they came from Bossvtha confuse this so that the exposure will not experience an exclamation All Without a doubt, the developers of aStudio Spark Unlimited and supervision Kenji Inafune and the main team behind the Ninja Gaiden games, which I doubt he oversaw something really outside the scope of that character Ryu Hayabusa itself stands vigil in the main series games, level of AstoDuo Spark shows from the early hours despite real attempts to add some new ideas.First name from the title of the game, Yaiba, this is the name that will imply the main character, who in the face of Alnneja against Ryu Hayabusa lost and dying to be returned to life in a way, but with the members of the mechanism, it would give him some of the new capabilities in addition to its capabilities Cunninija violent, and since that person does not forget his old friends, the first goal is to search and kill because I HayabusaJa, who was famous for decoration only insect apparently, and because the road is always difficult for revenge Valmtoron they put hundreds of creatures Alzombez idiots in your way, trying to give the game a special touch and a dose of laughter through thePositions amusing - and absurd - that the fall.The game puts you in trying to be the heart of the fighting as soon as possible, and soon you will begin to cut the enemy, so you have three main weapons, sword, of course, the weapon AltqlLady Ninja, Sword keeps the weapons more accurate and easier to widely used if you wish to focus on a single enemy, then you have what looks like iron chain, the less efficient but allows enemies to attack from afar and access to more than one enemy in theThe same time, leaving us an iron hand for Yaiba, which allows direct blows strong, causing great damage, the use of these weapons remains easy and fun and combine it with something that is not really difficult, it gives you the opportunity to do a set of theSuccessive blows (Combo) using one weapon or merger between more than one, as each weapon is linked to a particular right there is no need to change between weapons.From the large number of things added to the playing style is difficult to talk at length about everything, Because every part comprises the application of a good idea with bad and Ali talk about the good and the bad, so I'll try to do that acronym. But first talk about the fights, even if they were quick and displays some diversity EOC difficult things to you, they are trying to Give you a look away from the personal and enemies and it becomes catastrophic presence of dozens of enemies on the screen, even if it was possible to modify them to make it close, and it does not help the bad angles and would be difficult to Taatgmoa Bash_khasatKm as required.And reverse camera away to get closer to Yaiba while fighting, killing more than enemy helps release property "anger" that allows the killing of enemies is easy, look property useful against some enemiesThis powerful that Tzkrtkm Tstamloha that, you can also kill enemies after the appearance of an exclamation mark on them in order to end the demonstration and movements that both monsters big or small, can also open new capabilities through the tree capacityFor example, you become capable of carrying more than final blow was later than ten enemies at the same time, you can also use your hands ninja you to capture enemies and use them as a weapon, or throw them on the rest, sometimes CetkonoN Mtalibat to do so in order to blow up certain places or disable the machine, because it is something that did not tell him, the enemies in the game Bochkalhm differ not only in their abilities, but also, some have a capacity of electricity and some have a great dealIts fire, and so there is a nice idea where they can take advantage of some enemies to kill each other capabilities Vajtmaa fire with electricity is called a devastating tornado as an example and by, so I say bravo to the developers of the idea only because it is without St.As it was possible to do a better job.Away from it can Yiba repel strikes and forwarded to the enemies, it also includes redirecting rocket and mortar fire, but the other remains repel strikes impossible Kdharbat electricity, although You were able to end the powerful enemies through a special blow you can use as a weapon, but that the time is simple, the hero of the game also has an eye capable of detecting potentially destroy things and you will make it easier to find the road (TMZH, right?) Comes the role of the metal hand to destroy the walls and so on, and in total, the developers have put a set of new ideas and beautiful with the application of a bad or average lost between bad choices in the game, can not be usedBlock hits the right way, ending the enemies do not do nothing but get a weapon for a limited period, and the development of

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