Friday, March 28, 2014

The Bureau XCOM Declassified Hack

─ ─
The Bureau XCOM Declassified v1.01 +7 Trainer

Trainer Notes ──

──── ──
Game Version:............v1.01 Trained by:..sILeNt heLLsCrEAm

Release:..............Reloaded Tested on:...........Win 7 x64

Chiptune:........Outside World Date:...............08/26/2013

MD5 Hash (TheBureau.exe):.....7131C7CDDB2B2BD32E63AC4F4D7AC341

Trainer Design by:...sILeNt heLLsCrEAm

═ Available Options ─═

═ Hotkeys Funktion ═


Num 0 Infinite Health

Num 1 One Hit Kill

Num 2 Unlimited Ammo

Num 3 No Reload

Num 4 Unlimited Grenades

Num 5 No Cooldowns

Num 6 16x Experience Points

─ Additional Notes ═


--->>> Virus Warnings <<<---

First of all... I can't handle all possible
antivirus programs so far out there.
Some antivirus solution detects always a virus
in my trainers. All of my trainers are packed
and/or encrypted. On "" you can
see that some scanners report it as xxx Packed.
The best results i see with "VirusBuster".

About available cheats

Num 6 - 16x Experience Points

If you kill an enemy you'll gain 16x more
experience points as normal...

.rar  thebureauv101+7tr.rar (Download: 1,82 MB / Downloads: 188)

.rar  thebureauv11+7tr.rar (Download: 1,83 MB / Downloads: 67)

.rar  thebureauv12+7tr.rar (Download: 1,83 MB / Downloads: 93)



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