Thursday, March 27, 2014

15 Games Developer iconic left their companies .... Where are they now?

There is a lot of difference on the inclusion of video games as a form of art, the fact that we Kmahban to this area very much aware of the great effort put development teams to provide these wonderful productions, but not all games are equal andNot all developers are the same skill.Through the world of video games and Hollywood as adults and their directors, there names bright world of game development has established its name with lots of creativity and innovative experiences provided us with the support of companiesDevelopment behind it, but as everything in this world, there is nothing lasts forever, ending story to start another story and game developers are the pages of this novel.Through this topic we will talk about the development of the world of the iconic 15 games leftTheir companies to pursue big dreams behind to provide more innovations, here know their past and their present and future plans in a simple sort of appreciation for these names and we tried as much as possible distribution between Japan and Western NamesYeh the world of game development, if the journey begins:Shinji MikamiWhere was it? Name the famous series behind Capcom's Resident Evil company previously and those who stand behind creations such as Devil May Cry and Dyno Crisis and other titles leftThe company after the fourth part of the series Resident Evil after long years spent within the walls of the company with a lot of innovations.Where is he now? After leaving Capcom Mikami work with the development team platnum James in a limited way as a producer forThe game "Vanicoich" while he was prepping for the opening phase of the development team own and experience a new world of video games.What is the future plan? "Tanico" is the name of the development team, led by MikamiThe sudden announcement by the contract was signed to become one of the development teams, a subsidiary of the giant Bethesda, after more than two years since the establishment of its own development team is preparing for the launch of this year's first team games titled The Evil WithinBack

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