Friday, August 16, 2013

Ikariam Scripts and Hacks

Ikariam Upgrade Watcher

An easy way to determine if a building is upgradeable
Coloured icons to give you better overview
Showing the building level
Uses resource reduction bonuses from research
Uses resource reduction bonuses from buildings in your city
Automated detection and calculation of the resource reductions
No pre-settings required from you
No external scripts requests
Info box to see the status of resources required for the given building
Ikariam Upgrade Watcher

Download Ikariam Upgrade Watcher

Improve ikariam messages with emoticons (•‿•), clickable links to islands or web pages and nice combat reports.
Emoti world

Empire Overview
Script for Ikariam V 0.5.x, Overview tables for Ress, buildings and mititary, desktop versions in the style of Ikariam Empire Board
Empire Overview

Combat Report Auto-Converter
Get the report for your forum with just one click
Combat Report Auto-Converter by WTF

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