Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wolfenstein Cheat Codes

Before you use any Wolfenstein cheat codes you have to do certain steps to activate cheating ,first find the "wolf.cfg" file for (vista/7) in folder : "c : \users\name\appdata\local\id software\wolfsp\base" and make a copy of it named "autoexec.cfg" . use a text editor to edit the
"autoexec.cfg" file and add the next lines .
seta g_cheatsareon "1"
bind g "god"
in this example, the god mode cheat is now bound to the "g" key . bind any of the next
codes similarly in the file, after that press the assigned key through game play to enable the
cheat function .

Result : Cheat Code
god mode : - god
all intel : - giveallintel
all veil powers : - givepowers
get gold : - givegold[number]
all energy upgrades - giveallpowerupgrades
ignored by opponents - notarget
shroud ammunition : - give ammo_shroud
tesla ammunition : - give ammo_tesla
panzer ammunition : - give ammo_panzer
mauser ammunition : - give ammo_mauser
mp43 ammunition : - give ammo_mp43
mdl24 ammunition : - give ammo_mdl24
particle cannon ammunition - give ammo_particle_cannon
mp40 ammunition : - give ammo_mp40
add ammunition for your current gun - give ammo_default
add ammunition for constituent - give ammocomponent
add cash (to $31,337 - momoney
unbind objectives : - giveobjectives
unbind achievements - giveachievement
unknown : - novis
activate flammenwerfer in level 1 - seta g_unlockedflamedlc 1
spawn object or character - spawn [name]
set blazkowicz's running speed - seta pm_runspeed [number]
infinite sprinting - seta g_infinitestamina [0 or 1]
set blazkowicz's vertical jump height - seta pm_jumpheight [number] (note : (default is "50")
change head while blazkowicz sprints - g_noviewbob [0 or 1]
note : in windows xp the in - game console must be enabled by using a text editor to make
file named "autoexec . cfg" in the "\program files\activision\wolfenstein\sp\base" folder
(or wherever the game has been installed) . add the next string to this file :
set com_allowconsole "1"
save the file, exit, after that begin the game . once in game, hold [right alt] + [left alt]
after that tap the --> to show the console window . enter one of the next codes to enable
the cheat function . tap --> once more to exit the console .

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