Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vindictus Hacks and Bots

Here is a collection of best Vindictus hacks and bots for NA and EU editions .These hacks will let you level up your skills easily without any effort .

Vindictus Trans Bot
- Will join user-inputted channel every time bot goes to town
- Work with all resolutions except "Fullscreen
- use campfire and hp pots to get titles feature
- Ability to level up trans on multiple chars for the same account
- Error detection loops for server overload messages
- Can send an email to you if the bot stops

Vindictus Trans Bot

How To Use:

1 - Run WooTrans.exe as admin
2 - Get on a boat in ColhenIf you are using multiple chars, make sure you get on your lowest #'d character slot you want to use on that account to start off the trans round. Put "Transformation as quickslot "5" for all characters the bot will use.
3 - Hit "Home" on your keyboard
4 - Input "Max Runs" number, channel to join if you want (leaving both boxes unchecked will not use this feature) and check use slot boxes if desired. Slots 1 and 2 can be used for drinking potions/using campfires for titles.
5 - Hit "Start" on WooTrans.exe and walk away

Download Vindictus Trans Bot

Vindictus leveling bot

- including level up your transformation skill feature
- Boat reload feature if kicked to town
- Supports all resolutions other than Fullscreen

Vindictus leveling bot 1
Vindictus leveling bot 2

Download Vindictus leveling bot

Credits : maddoggy00

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