Saturday, March 2, 2013

Travian Tips

Here is a list of best Travian tips for beginners and advanced users ,All of These tips are legal and you won't be banned if you apply them .


Travian Tips For Beginners :

  • build crannies after you start developing your village .Crannies will save your resources from raids and prevent larger players from transform you into a farm .

  • Do not defend your village at first month of server ,just send your troops anywhere when you are being attacked .Defending while not having enough defense units is wast of resources .

  • You may raid smaller villages in your area that their population is not changing for 2 days ,usually they became farms duo to another players attacks .

Join an alliance and try to be an active member .Alliance reports will led you to new farms .

More Advanced Travian Tips :

  • At least ,keep one scout in each village you have even the small ones .It will defend you against one scout attack and alarm you of any player planing to attack you .

  • When you build a large army be aware of negative crop ,You may loose many troops if you don't have another steam of crop other than your villages .

  • Keep a list of each farm you know and make notice about each one resources to organize raids .

  • As a Gaul ,don't raid with Phalanx unless you have great number of them ,because Phalanx's attack points are 15 only .

  • For better raiding strategy with medium army ,Split your army into 4 or more parties so you don't waste much time if one of the raids return little or none resources .

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