Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Skyrim Tips

Are you searching for best ways to level up in Skyrim ? Do you want to know how to collect gold and increase skill easily ? Read these Skyrim tips and I'm sure you will find everything you want .

  • You can travel very fast using Werewolf ,it's even faster then a horse .

  • Get a dragon soul if you return the horn of Jurgen Windcaller to it's place ,after you get it to the Greybeards .

  • To kill exposed Draugr while they are still sleeping in coffins ,improve your sneak skills .Otherwise just shoot em with arrows .

  • For easy kills ,Use Throw Voice shout to attract the target to a specific place then kill them with an arrow once they stop moving .

  • If your follower is blocking a doorway ,just keep looking at his eyes and he will move .

  • Sleeping in a bed will give you a buff that increases aLL skill gains by 10% for 8 hours .

  • Fire spells cost less than frost and shock spells and do more damage .

  • Your horse can climb up mountains that you couldn't on foot .

  • Always have a follower ,in addition to helping in combat ,he can to pick a lock, pick something up, or even steal for you .

  • For easier lockpicking Use a torch .

  • You can make a long-jump with Whirlwind Sprint. There are some areas that require such jumps to reach it .

  • Before turning into a Werewolf, cast buff spells on yourself such as Oakskin spell because they keep active in Werewolf form .

  • Forsworn Briarhearts can be killed instantly by pickpocketing their heart.

  • Free horse tip .Help shadr in riften to access free horses ,then you can go back to riften stables whenever your horse dies to get a free one .

  • To level-up your conjuration ,use Soul trap spell over and over again on a dead body .

  • You can kill all the witnesses after you are caught committing a crime before they report you to get rid of your bounty .

  • The clear skies shout will stagger enemies and it will refill fast only 5 sec !

  • Weapon upgrades and Apparel take no time, so you may upgrade as many apparel or as many weapons as you can carry if you drink 1 Fortify Smithing potion .

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