Monday, March 11, 2013

Crysis3 Trainer - Hack

This Crysis3 trainer works on versions : retail/origin v1.1 ,It will gives Infinite Health, Ammo, Energy and Nano Points .

Keys :

HOME KEY -> Trainer Activation

F1 -> Super Health
This will keep you alive and well.
Enemies cannot kill you!In rare cases use the super duper health option below!

F2 -> Infinite Energy
This will keep your energy full at all times.

F3 -> Infinite Ammo
This will grant you an infinite amount of ammo for all your weapons.
Note: to use enable the option and toggle to any carried weapon you want to gain ammo for.

F4 -> Set Nano Points
Enable the option and enter the upgrade menu.
to see your new available points.... repeat procedure for more.

NOTE: View additional options and info by launching the trainers main Info key!


Download Crysis 3 Trainer - Hack

Credits : LinGon

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