Monday, March 25, 2013

Counter Strike Source Knife Skins

Are you one of the elite CS source players that can use knifes in combat ? You may want to replace classic knife skin with some special one ,Here is my list of best Counter Strike Source knife skins to choose from .

B.A.K knife redux pack
CSS B.A.K knife redux pack Skin

Black Steel Nautilus Knife
CSS Black Steel Nautilus Skin

Butterfly Knives Pack
CSS Butterfly Knives Pack Skin

Hibben Scorpion Knife Skin
CSS Hibben Scorpion Skin

Katana Sword Skin
CSS katanasword Skin

CSS Knicek Skin

Mullet and DarkElfa's Scorpian
CSS Mullet and DarkElfa's Scorpian Skin

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