Monday, March 18, 2013

Counter Strike 1.6 Scripts

Counter Strike 1.6 scripts are groups of commands which gives you new cool features in game .Usually ,you can do these commands manually like bunny hop ,but scripts make it easier to do .This is a list of best Counter Strike 1.6 scripts including buy scripts ,bunny hop scripts ,no recoil scripts and other nice scripts .

To install CS 1.6 scripts ,download the script file and copy it to ( counter strike\cstrike ) folder . Run CS 1.6 , open console by pressing ( ` ) and type (exec example.cfg) .Replace (example) with script file name .

Counter Strike 1.6 Bunny Hop Script

Bunny hop or bhop refer to act of pressing the jump key while holding crouch and a movement key to move faster (especially when going down a slope) and/or to evade attacks more effectively ,wikipedia .Here is the best CS 1.6 Bunny hop script ,press (V) to start bhop script ,you can replace (V) with any other key .

Download Counter Strike 1.6 bunny hop script

Counter Strike 1.6 Buy Script

The Ultimate CS 1.6 Buy Script
Download .zip file and extract it into counter-strike folder .You can bind keys to buy weapons and equipment from options->keyboard menu inside the game ,scroll down to see the new buy weapons slots .There is no need for console .

Download CS 1.6 Buy Script

Counter Strike 1.6 No Recoil Script

CS 1.6 no recoil scripts prevent your gun from moving up and down while shooting .There are no recoil scripts for for specific gun and other scripts for general use .

Download AntiRecoil script

Download CS1.6 no-recoil script for all weapons

Download AK-47 no-recoil script

Download weapons no recoil script

Counter Strike 1.6 Burst Script

Download Counter Strike 1.6 4-Bullet Burst Script
Enable Glock and Famas to fire 4 Bullet instead of three

Download CS1.6 2 Shot Burst script for shotgun

Download CS 1.6 Single - Duel - Burst fire script
PGUP = Burst Fire
home = echo Duel Fire -
ins = Single fire
Del = Normal

Stop Reload and Shoot Script for CS 1.6

When you are reloading and you want to fire , it stops reloading and shoots .just press left mouse button to fire .
Stop Reload and Shoot Script

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