Sunday, March 17, 2013

Call Of Duty World At War Trainer

If you want God Mode ,Infinite Sprint , Infinite Ammo ,Speed hack , Super Jump and Instant Kill in Call Of Duty World At War download this trainer .

Trainer Keys :

Numpad 0 ----> God Mode (on/off)
You will become completely invincible. No body can kill you .You won't be effected by bullets ,falls and explosions.Also the screen will not shake if you are attecked .

Numpad 1 ----> Instant Kill (on/off)
Easily kill your enemies with one hit !

Numpad 2 ----> Infinite Sprint (on/off)
Now you can sprint as much as you want continuously .

Numpad 3 ----> Infinite Ammo/No Reload (on/off)
Just click mouse button and your weapon will shoot without stopping ,forget about ammo and reloading .

Numpad 4 ----> No Weapon Overheat (on/off)
No more annoying weapon overheating .

Numpad 5 ----> No Recoil (on/off)
Shoot more accurately without any recoil .

Numpad 6 ----> Super Speed (on/off)
Get X3 normal speed when you activate this option .

Numpad 7 ----> Super Jump (on/off)
You can jump 3 times higher than normal .It's a very cool feature .

Numpad 8 ----> Save Position for Teleport
Save your current position so you can restore it later .

Numpad 9 ----> Teleport to saved Position
Go back to the last saved place .It's recommended not Teleport between different levels .

F1 ----> Unlock protected CVARs
Change any CVAR in console even if they are read-only .

Credits : eXtalia

Download Call Of Duty World At War Trainer

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