Friday, March 29, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Trainer

+14 features supported in this Bioshock Infinite trainer including God mode (Infinite Health) , infinite shield and salt/power , no reload , money hack , infinite ammo , super jump and no fall damage .You can also control game time and slow it down and save locations and teleport to them instantly .

Trainer Keys :
Home: Activate Cheats
F1: Unlimited Health
F2: Unlimited Shield
F3: Unlimited Salt/Power
F4: Get Money
F5: Add Lockpicks
F6: Unlimited Ammo
F7: No Reload
F8: Super Speed
F9: Super Jump
F10: Enhanced Super Jump
F11: Zero Fall Damage
Insert: Kill Enemies with One Hit
End: Slow Time
Num 8: Save Location for Teleport
Num 9: Teleport to saved place
Num 0: Undo Teleportation

Credits : LinGon

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