Friday, January 18, 2013

Best Minecraft Zombie Mods

Minecraft community has made many zombie mods with different features and capabilities .Here is a list of best Minecraft zombie mods you can try if you got bored with default zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Adds new types of zombies ,each one has different strength ,speed ,health and attack type .

click here for more about installing instructions and other details .

Reign Of Zombie Mod

This mod gives new improved weapons in addition to new zombies types .Also it sets goals such as establishing safe-holds and protecting villages for more enhanced game-play.

You will find everything about Reign Of Zombie mod on this page .

The Invisible Zombie Mod

As its name ,this mod makes zombies invisible and very powerful .There are three new types of zombies (The Invisible Zombie ,Mrs. Mega Invisible Zombie , Baby Invisible Zombie Junior) .All Zombies are jest invisible from the neck down .

Get Invisible Zombie Mod for Mincraft from here .

You Are The Zombie Mod

In contrary with other zombies mods , this one turns you into a zombie so you will burn in sun and villagers will Run away from you .Also you will not be attacked by Mobs unless you attack them first .

Get You Are The Zombie Mod

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