Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Warrock Hacks

Are you a addicted on Warrock hacks ? here you will find a collection of best Warrock hacks to get all super features .You can jump very high using super jump hack ,also there are chams ,wallhack , unlimited ammo and other great hacks .Get a bronze premium using Warrock premium hack .All hacks can be installed and applied easily using injectors .





Warrock Super Jump Hack

Jump high in Warrock using this hack ,also get a Warrock aimbotand unlimited ammo .Works on Win7 (32+64) ,Vista (32+64) .warrock super jump hack ri516w Download Warrock Super Jump Hack
File mirror 2 : DownloadCredits : R3d_L!n3




Warrock Wallhack and Chams Hack

warrock DuoCoder Public V0.3 hack mpgh warrock DuoCoder Public V0.3 hack mpgh

This is multi-function hack for Warrorck incuding : Chams , wireframe , wallhack , nofog and other features .Download Warrock Wallhack and Chams HackAlternative download link here .
Pitcher [Bodhi]


Warrock Crosshair Hack

warrock crosshair hack crosshairo warrock crosshair hack warrock crosshair hack

Change your crosshair in Warrock to one of these cool crosshairs ,you can control its opacity too .Download Warrock Crosshair HackAlternative download link hereCredits : droid




Warrock Public Hook

warrock Public Hook hack game5 warrock Public Hook hack game7 warrock Public Hook hack game9

With Public Hook you can walk and shoot through walls , have unlimited ammo ,Wireframe hack and Players and Vehicles Chams .It's preferred to use it with PerX injector .Download Warrock d3d public hook Alternative download link here .Credits: bodhi







Warrock Premium Hack and more

warrock NoMenu hack screenshot warrock NoMenu hack screenshot warrock NoMenu hack screenshot

This hack gives you Bronze Premium in Warrock in addition to super jump hack and even moon jump ,ammo hack , health hack and glass walls hack .Download Warrock nomenu hack Alternative download link here.Credits : bodhi







Warrock Injectors

You have to install one of these injectors to load hacks into Warrock .To run a Warrock hack using an Injector first you have to start Warrock then run the injector (for Win7/Vista run as administrator) ,after that , type "Warrock" in Process Name/What To Inject field in the injector window ,then click Inject .

1.GodModeHack WR Injector v1.0

warrock GodModeHack Injector v1.0 n

2.Dcrews M-Ject Injector V3 ( Win7 32bit, Vista 32bit,Win XP 32bit)

warrock Dcrews M-Ject Injector V3 dcrewsmiflinjectorv3 process





3.Blue Dragon Injector v1 (32 + 64 bit)

warrock Blue Dragon Injector v1 z5b6a

4.PerX injector (Win7 64 bit + Vista 64 bit )





Install these if hacks doesn't run

1. FrameWork 4 : Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)

2. Microsoft Visual C++(64 Bit) : Download: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

3. Microsoft Visual C++(32 Bit) : Download: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

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