Friday, October 5, 2012

Sims 3 Mods

Are you bored with Sims 3 and you want to make a change ?

There are many cool Sims 3 mods that adds new features to the game .Also there are mods to give you more control over sims body , get skills fast to save your time and change story progression for sims .






Sims 3 Skills Mods

Sims 3 Study Skills Faster mod mtschaavik915448studysk Increase the speed of skill studying .this mod also affect non-traditional skills .
Study Skills Faster Mod



Sims 3 Study Skills Faster mod mtsvahimaster929684scre
Super Speedy reading skill books , also allows children to read all skill books .
Speedy Skill Books Mod

Sims 3 Learn all Skills mod mtsureachedpam771096bfm Add new books to learn all your skills from the Masters .

Holy Bible skills (Creativity , Cooking,Mechanical ,Body ,Cleaning ,Charisma ,Logic )

Charmed Book skills(Mechanical , Cooking , Cleaning ,Logic ,Body ,Charisma ,Creativity )

All Seeing Eye skills (Cleaning ,Cooking ,Creativity ,Mechanical ,Charisma , Body ,Logic )

All Skills Books Mod



Sims 3 MasterController Mod

Manage the entire population of your town in Sims 3 using Master Controller mod .The mod itself doesn't change any thing automatically ,so you have to to control interactions manually .Sims 3 MasterController Mod

Sims 3 StoryProgression Mods

This mod controls the inactive sims to get married, make friends, get jobs ,etc .it doesn't take action randomly ,but it uses a sim's characteristics to determine their "personality" and decide what action they should do .it makes a more life-like progression of your town ,although it's a bit slower than default progression system .

Download Main
Download StoryProgression Mod

Full details here .


Sims 3 Body Sliders

Sims 3 CAS Sliders mod mtsjonha1027185sliders Change Breast , Waist ,Hip Size ,Butt ,Head Size ,Shoulder Width ,Neck ,Chest , Leg width and Calf for sims easily with new sliders .
CAS Sliders
Sims 3 Body Sliders Mod

Sims 3 Overwatch Mod

This mod helps to correct errors produced by other mods or the Core game .It adds a new menu called "NRaas \ Overwatch" to the City Hall and the Active Sim .Sims 3 Overwatch Mod

Sims 3 Woohoo Mod

Woohooer mod for Sim3 alters the default Woohoo and all romance related standing social interactions .Also you can engage in "Risky Woohoo" with less chance of a pregnancy .Download Sims 3 Woohoo Mod
More info about Woohoo mod here .

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