Saturday, October 13, 2012

S4 League Hacks

Do you know that there are many hacks for S4 League which give you extreme powers in game ? Try one of this list of best S4 League hacks and trainers and enjoy infinite health , infinite ammo , speed hack ,god mode , shoot through walls ,1 hit kill and more special abilities .





XTrap Bypass

XTrap Bypass

XTrap Bypass is required to run other S4 League hacks ,after you download it run XTrapBypass.exe as administrator and run other S4 League hack ,then you can start S4 League .

Credits: Neeya Nanaa

Download S4 League XTrap Bypass




S4L Multi Hack

 s4lhack This is a multi-purpose hack for S4 League including Godmode , speed hack ,no gravity hack , no laser , infinite HP ,infinite ammo ,wallshoot , aimbot ,ghost mode and a lot more ! .You need to run Xtrap Bypass before you run this hack .
Credits : DreamingSoul ,Vitali ,Kauknochen .

Download S4League Multi Hack




S4 League Trainer

S4L Latte Machiato Trainer

S4 League Latte Machiato Trainer lattemachiatotrainer Start Xtrap Bypass as admin then S4 League then run this trainer when you are in a room .Latte Machiato Trainer features include Infinite Ammo ,Infinite Health , GodMode ,Fast Fire hack , Wall Shoot ,1Hit Kill hack and 200HP hack .Works on (Win7/Vista/XP) 32+64 .
Credits : Black-Shadow , MrT3CkToNiCk WallHP / Anchor Range

Download Machiato Trainer for S4L




S4 League Item Manager

This hack freezes the time on your items in S4 League.

Credits :
Kiramox for the Tipp with the Offsets and always tested the new versions for me.
CAS! the rest

Download S4 League Item Manager




S4 League T3Ck Trainer

S4 League T3Ck Trainer t3cktrainers4 NoGravity ,WallShot ,high radius of attack hack ,increase dodge range hack ,god mode ,Instant Respawn hack and more in one S4 League Trainer .
Credits: T3CkToNiCk/MrT3CkToNiCk , Arkade .

Download T3Ck Trainer for S4 League




S4 League MultiClient Hack

This hack allows you to log into multiple accounts and farm! just copy the hack to your S4L folder then run it for each account you want to log in .This hack doesn't need XTrap Bypass .
Download S4 League MultiClient Hack




S4L N3xusNe0n´s Trainer

S4 League N3xusNe0n´s Trainer n3xusne0nstrainer N3xusNe0n´s Trainer is another S4L hack with many features (Godmode ,Inf health 200 HP,1 hit kill hack).
Credits: N3xusNe0ns
Download S4L N3xusNe0n´s Trainer

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