Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rakion Hacks

If you are looking for working Rakion hacks ,you are in the right place .I'll show you a collection of free Rakion hacks that gives great features in-game such as Cell hack , God Mode , Rank hack and other hacks .It's easy to use hacks just load it with an injector then activate by hotkeys .
Note : although these hacks are working now , you could get caught and banned later ,so use hacks at your own risk .





Rakion Hacks Injectors

Before using any Rakion hack ,you must download an injector to load the hack into game .There are many injectors for Rakion ,so choose one according to your system .
PChack Injector
Best hack for Win 7/Vista only .Download PChack-Injector
Rakion Injector SuJect 1658
Windows XP (32bit) 100% , may work on WIn7 after you run it as administrator.Download SuJect
Brutoz Injector 1.0
Rakion Injector Brutoz 2dnwmeu
Win 7/Vista/XPDownload Brutoz Injector

Note : some hacks doesn't work with all Injectors ,but you can try another Injector with the same hack .







Rakion Cell Hack

Anti-Cell Rakion Hack prueba3272042 Anti-Cell Rakion Hack prueba Anti-Cell Rakion Hack prueba 27206

This Rakion hack prevents spawning any creature in the room , plus a simple no-cell stages hack

Keys :
F2/F3 : Enable/Disable Anti-Cell Room Hack .
F6/F7 : Enable/Disable Anti-Cell Stage Hack .

Note:Injector included with hack .

Download Rakion Cell Hack

Credits :Assembly Team





Rakion Stat Hack

Xenesis stat hack for Rakion ,just inject Xene.dll with an injector .All steps are show in the video .

Download Rakion Stat Hack

To get more info about this hack click here .



Rakion Range and MageBomb 2 Cells Hacks

A package of most Important Range 2 Cells usable for stage only .If you are the room master ,you can invite your friends to help .This hack can't be used in battle games .Also it's all level 1 .

Download Range 2 Cells Hacks

Credits : hit2die



Rakion Rank Hack

Simply autorank hack for Rank (S , A , B , C, D) .Watch video to know how to activate this Rakion hack DLL .

Download Rakion Rank Hack

More information about Rakion rank hack here .


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