Sunday, October 14, 2012

Metin2 Hacks

Are you having trouble gaining experience points in Metin2 ? Do you want to have special features and powers in game ? Here are the best Metin2 hacks and bots to get what you want .

Metin2 fishing bot , pickup bot and experience bot can save your time and allow you to rise your level quickly .Also speed and attack hacks give you advantage in combat .





Metin2 Multi Hack by infinity

Metin2 Multi Hack by infinity

This is a great multi hack for Metin2 that automate Pickup ,Potter ,Attack and MobPuller .Also this hack includes Fast Kick , Combo hack ,Zoom Hack and Speed Attack hack .Note : there are also some features for Premium only :(

Download Metin2 Multi Hack

Credits : Infinity




Metin2 Global Multihack

metin2 Multihack mh185
Installation : copy Metin2 Global Multihack to metin2 folder then start the game.

requirements : ( NET Framework 3.5 , Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package )

Features : auto pickup , Speed hack ,experience bot ,fog hack , auto potion , ghost mode , mobber hack and more .

Download Metin2 Global Multihack

Credits : KaMeR1337




Metin2 PickUp Bot

This is a Range PickUp Bot + an ItemFilter for Metin2 .The video explains everything .
Download Metin2 PickUp Bot by .ErpeL

More info about this hack here




Metin2 Fishing Bot

metin2 easy fishing bot qxw8h metin2 easy fishing bot x0lof

To run this Metin2 Fishing Bot ,after you download the bot ,copy the file to your metin2 folder ,then run the bot and click "Spiel starten" and login .To open the fishing bot press (F9)

Download Metin2 Fishing Bot

Official easyfishing website




Metin2 Experience Hack

metin2 easy fishing bot bobuj metin2 easy fishing bot lauch

This Metin2 hack called " M2Bob " allows you to gain experience quickly and raises money , fishing bot ,level bot and more .

Download M2Bob
Official website




Metin2 Dmg Hack

Download Metin2 Dmg Hack

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