Monday, October 22, 2012

Maplestory Hacks

Do you want to get skills easily in MapleStory ? Try one of best MapleStory hacks and bots to get skills automatically in MapleStory and get items instantly .All you have to do is download a hack and an injector ,then load hack into MapleStory using the injector .

Note : you may get caught and banned because of using MapleStory hacks ,use them on your own risk .There is a Bypass software which helps to avoid being detected .





MapleStory Trainer

Leech Trainer For MapleStory

Auto attack and auto loot/skills bot for MapleStory

Download MapleStory Bot .dll

Inject .dll using this injctor InjectorGadget




MapleStory EU Trainer

Triste Trainer v82.1

MapleStory EU - Trainer v82.1 2ewi1wz
This trainer is for MapleStory EU including autobot ,autoskills , godmode , mob hacks and more .To run it ,first start bypass ,then run Injector and Inject trainer at login screen.

Download MapleStory EU Trainer




MapleStory Item Filter

MapleStory EU Item Filter v82.1

MapleStory EU - DieselBot v 82.1 33epyj5 To use Item Filter hack with MapleStory ,first , inject the filter ,then go to your inventory and put mouse cursor over an item you want to filter ,after that , the item ID will show up in the item filter .click "copy item id" and "add" then "enable" .
Note : this hack requires Bypass

Credits: Redwinter

Download MapleStory Item Filter




MapleStory EU Bot

MapleStory EU - DieselBot v82.1

MapleStory EU - DieselBot v 82.1 5eijr8
Multi-functions hack for MapleStory EU (UnlimitedBuff , FreezeMobs hack ,Improved Attack-Loot Combo , Item Vac ,SpawnVac )
Note : use injector included with hack .

Download DieselBot




MapleStory Bypass

MapleStory Hackshield Bypasser

MapleStory Bypass prevent hacks detection by Hackshield .Download Bypass and extract files to HShield folder inside Maplestory folder .Run "HSUpdate.exe" then Maplestory .

Download MapleStory Bypass




If Maplestory Hacks doesn't run at all

Download and install this :
Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Also download one of the following :
32 Bit (x86):
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
64 Bit (x64):
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)


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