Sunday, October 7, 2012

Counter Strike 1.6 Skins

Are you bored with classic counter strike 1.6 skins ? Do you play counter strike 1.6 online a lot and you want to make a change ? You can download new cool counter strike 1.6 skins easily and have fun .

To use these skins ,just extract into your /Steam/SteamApps/your@account/counter-strike/cstrike -directory .





Counter-Strike Visual Replacement Pack


counter strike 1.6 skin
counter strike 1.6 skin
counter strike 1.6 skin
counter strike 1.6 skin

This is a great skins pack ,it will replace almost every feature of Counter-Strike including weapons, player, models, sounds, sprites, and graphics .It makes Counter-Strike very realistic .
Features :

  • Enhances radio voices and misc. sounds.

  • Misc. objects like the heli on oilrig are improved.

  • New HUD/scopes.

  • New skins.

  • Enhanced blood











CS 1.6 Halo Skins

Halo players and weapons skins for Counter Strike 1.6 for all Halo fans .CS 1.6 Halo Skins







Bender Toons CS 1.6 Skins Pack

counter strike 1.6 skin

This is a very funny toon skins for counter strike 1.6 .







British and European Skins

counter strike 1.6 skincounter strike 1.6 skin







TopFrag ReD & Blue

counter strike 1.6 skin

You can frag these models easily because they are blue and red ,It's like light cheating !







Counter Strike 1.6 Modern warfare 2

This is almost completely new game that brings some of the MW2 look and gameplay into CS 1.6. This is not just a reskinned CS 1.6, the changes made to the game are significant.So you need to download all game not just the models pack.







CS 1.6 HighFPS Models

counter strike 1.6 skin

These models have low number of polygons which may help you if you have a bad graphic card and increase frames per seconds (FPS).







CS Source Skins Pack

altChange all Players skins,Weapons Radar,Sprites,Textures, Music and Background image to Counter Strike Source theme.If you are familiar with CS:S and you want to play CS1.6 ,this package will help you.







CS 1.5 Transformation Pack


This package will change Menu Background , models and weapons to CS 1.5 .It will add CS 1.5 maps too.







CS 1.6 for Girls


Change everything in CS1.6 to girls style .






Exploding Animated Headshot







HD Skins for Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 High definition Skins hpcjg Counter Strike 1.6 High definition Skins 0bife Counter Strike 1.6 High definition Skins 54tzx Counter Strike 1.6 High definition Skins hdkkw

Download (37mb)

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