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Counter Strike 1.6 mods

Everything you need to know about best counter strike 1.6 mods such as zombie mod , warcraft3 mod and csdm mod .I'll show you where to find and how to download them for your cs 1.6 server .These CS 1.6 modifications transform counter strike into almost new game with many new features and play mods .







Install AMX mod

Required for CS 1.6 mods

AMX Mod X is a metamod plugin enables server admin to install new plugins with many new features ,It is required for CS1.6 mods so you need to install it first : AmX installer file :AmX installer 1.8
2.then follow the tutorial :Installing AMX tutorial




Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Mod

This mod turns counter strike into Humans vs Zombies game .Although Zombie Plague is based on the classic zombie infection mods,it provides new classes for Zombies and Humans and new gameplay modes such as Multi Infection and Nemesis .This mod requires AMXX Version 1.8.0 or later .

Zombie Plague Gameplay videos :Video 1 | Video 2

How to install Zombie Plague:
1.Download and extract it in (cstrike/addons/amxmodx/)
2.Download and extract it into models and sounds folders and make sure to keep folder structure .
3.Restart server.
Enjoy !

If want to play Zombie Plague online here is a list of Servers Running Zombie Plague

For more information this is the offical Zombie Plague forums .
Another page for Zombie Plague




CS1.6 Warcraft 3 Mod

Warcraft mod for counter strike 1.6 allows player to pick races and have special powers ,these new abilities can teleport you , makes you invisible , makes you fly and more .You earn points for each score you make called Experience Points (XP) .You can use XPs tp get more powers .

Warcaft mode installation is simple first :
1.Download this archive file ,it contains the Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation files, the newest release based on Warcraft 3 :Frozen Throne.

2.Extract the downloaded archive into your AMX mod folder (cstrike/amxmodx/mod/)

3.Open (cstrike/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini) with notepad and add this line
to the end of the file then save it

4.Open(addons/amxmodx/configs/modules.ini ) with notepad and remove the semi-colon (;) in front of lines (fun,engine,cstrike) then save.

5.Restart Server .Done !.

Note :For more info you can open (cstrike/amxmodx/configs/uwc3ng/uwc3ng.cfg) also with notepad to read all commands available and their descriptions ,also you can edit them .


For more info you can visit Official WC3 SUPPORT forums .

Note:"Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation" is a raceless version of the Warcraft3 ,to get the classic Warcraft3 version with races read this tutorial .




Counter Strike 1.6 Deathmatch Mod

Counter Strike 1.6 Deathmatch mod provides deathmatch style gameplay to Counter-Strike 1.6 with manu features such as Random spawning ,Spawn protection and weapon menus .CSDM is another AMX Mod X plugin so you have to install AMX Mod X before installing this mod .
How to install CSDM :
1 . Download CSDM 2.1.2.
2 .Extract to (cstrike\addons\) folder.
3.Restart server .

To configure CSDM Open (addons/amxmodx/configs/csdm.cfg) with notepad and edit it .

for more information this is CSDM Official website




Counter Strike 1.6 Superhero Mod

This is also a mode for AMX ModX allows player to play as a superhero like (Superman ,Batman ,Anubis ...) with different abilities .By killing enemies you can earn XP points and use them to develop your superhero powers .

Note : This mod requires another AMX Mod X Modules :( fun , fakemeta , ham sandwich , cstrike , csx )

For download link and instructions go to superhero mod download

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