Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cool Minecraft Texture Packs

Are you bored with classic look of Minecraft ,Why don't you download some cool Minecraft texture packs to have a new look ,you can even download a higher resolution textures .You can download a pack and back to the defult textures easily .Download one of my list of Minecraft texture packs and try it .

Minecraft AuraCraft Texture Pack


Download AuraCraft Package

For more info read this forum page


Star Wars Pack

Download Star Wars Pack

For more info click here


Minecraft Texture Packs - Isabella 1.2v3


Isabella minecraft texture pack imasc

Isabella minecraft texture pack wr8dk

Video 1
Video 2

Download Isabella 1.2v3
Alternative download link

Isabella pack forum thread.


Minecraft Lego Texture Pack

Lego Texture Pack Video

Download Lego Pack

Visit this forum thread for more info .


Minecraft Basico Pack


Download Minecraft Basico Texture Pack

Read this thread for more info.


Skyrim Pack

[128x128]Minerim Basic
Download [128x128]Minerim Dark
Download [128x128]Minerim Light

For more info go here ;


Dusty Textures [32x32]

Video 1
Video 2


For more info read this forum thread.

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