Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cool Minecraft Mods

Minecraft has tons of mods you can download and try ,I made a list of best Minecraft mods including awesome and popular mods developed by community of Minecraft .Although it has almost unlimited ways to play and have fun ,these mods add even more features and abilities to Minecraft .




Minecraft Xray Mod

Xray minecraft mod xraymodforminecraft1735 This mod allows you to see through "useless" blocks and view Gold ,Mobs ,Diamonds ,Iron ,Water ,Lava ,Coal and more .Find resources very fast , get hidden mineshafts and see other players mob farms using this X-Ray Mod.

Download Minecraft Xray Mod





Minecraft Zombie Mod

Zombie Hunt Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Fight zombies in minecraft and clear towns and villages with with guns and grenades .You have to search buildings to destroy Zombie Spawners and stop zombies .There are 9 different weapons , Two grenade types and airstrikes .There is no Non-zombie hostile mobs .

Credits : Jackfirecracker

Download from : here or here

More info about Zombie Mod





Minecraft Animals Mod

Mo' Creatures Mod fo Minecraft ,By : DrZhark

Adds the following animals to Minecraft : (Foxes , Horses , Snakes ,Ducks , Crocodiles ,Ostriches, MantaRays , Stingrays , JellyFish. , Added Goats , Turtles , Scorpions , Kitties , Mice , Rats , Polar Bear , Deer , BigCats , Lil' Fish (including piranhas) , Dolphins , Sharks , Werewolves , Bear , Wolf , Wraith , Flame Wraith , Ogre , Fire Ogre , Cave Ogre , Boars , Bunnies , Birds! )

Mo' Creatures Mod





Minecraft Fly Mod

Minecraft Fly Mod x5sfp Simple fly mod for Minecraft allows you to fly by pressing a user definable key (Default : F) .This mod doesn't replace any Minecraft class ,so it's fully compatible with other Minecraft mods .


More info about Minecraft Fly Mod





Minecraft Portal Mod

Minecraft Portal Mod




Minecraft Zombe's Mod Pack

Cool mod package contains a lot of singleplayer and multiplayer mods .Complete mod list :

( Damage Control ,Classic Building ,Cart Control , Autostore , Death Behavior ,Digging Adjustments ,Custom Smelting Recipes ,Plant Growth , Container Content Icons ,Item/Block Properties ,Ore Redistribution ,Custom Crafting Recipies , Critter Size Variety ,Critter Spawn Control ,Teleportation ,Weather Control ,Cheat mod ,Cloud Control , Compass ,Craft All Key ,Flying ,World Information ,Path Tracker ,Sun Control ,Critter Spawn Highlighter ,Wield Key )

zombe's modpack


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