Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Club Penguin Cheat Codes

Do you want to unlock items online for your penguin and make coins fast ? There are many cheat codes for Club Penguin that can save your effort and time , makes you rich easily and gives you cool new items such as Alien Mask ,Costume and Puffle Headphones .
Also there are cool codes to make really funny faces and show special emotions .







Club Penguin Unlock Items Cheat Codes

To enter unlock items cheat codes go to login page ,click "Unlock Items Online" button ,then login and click "I've got a code" button ,now you can enter one of these cheat codes to unlock different items in Club Penguin :

PUMPKIN1 - Get a Pumpkin Hat
UFOANZUG - Get an Alien Costume
HPHONES1 - Cool Puffle Headphones
MMCODE 12 - Get Guitar Shirt
D23EXP11 - Get a Purple Cross-hatched Hoodie
EPFAGENT - Get a EPF Head Visor
UFOMASKE - Get an Alien Mask


Club Penguin Money Cheat Codes

These are cheat codes to get money in Club Penguin , use can enter them like previous cheats .

Code :DECNLR10 - 500 coins
Code :JUNNLR11 - 500 coins
Code :MMCODE11 - 500 coins
Code :MMCODE13 - 2500 coins
Code :TOGETHER - 500 coins
Code :BIGWHITE - 500 coins
Code :SHRIMP64 - 500 coins
Code :J6YELLOW - 500 coins
Code :HADDOCK7 - 500 coins
Code :ARCTIC20 - 500 coins
Code :DRILLOFF - 500 coins
Code :EPFRULES - 500 coins
Code :REDBEARS - 500 coins
Code :3CARAMEL - 500 coins
Code :LOVESNOW - 500 coins
Code :JAZZJAKE - 500 coins


Cool Club Penguin Emotions Codes

make cool smiles , faces and emotions with these cheat codes .Each code is consist of two characters .

Cool Club Penguin Emotions Codes quick keys
E1 ===> laughing face
E2 ===> smiley face
E3 ===> normal face
E4 ===> sad face
E5 ===> surprised face
E6 ===> sticking out tongue face
E7 ===> winking face
E8 ===> sick face
E9 ===> angry face
E0 ===> sad face
ET ===> music note and fart sound
EI ===> Makes an igloo
EP ===> blue puffle
ES ===> skull face
ED ===> sun
EF ===> flower
EG ===> game icon
EH ===> heart
EL ===> fourleaf clover
EZ ===> pizza
EC ===> a cup of coffee
EN ===> moon and stars
EM ===> coin
Shift! ===> large !
Shift? ===> large ?

To get more info about Club Penguin emotions click here.



Club Penguin Easy Money Tips


1.Get 1000 coin bonus in Jet Pack Adventure by avoiding getting any coin until the fuel runs out.

2.To get more than 1000 coins ,play Pizzatron 3000 at the Pizza Parlour on candy mode to get a lot of coins in short time.

3.After you finish or die in pizza game or jet-pack press tab until a yellow box goes around the done or finish .Now press space continuously to get more coins.

4.In Ice Fishing game ,buy a Fishing Rod at the Ski Lodge to get a Grey Fish .Echa Grey Fish worth 8 points ,if you catch the Big Fish called Mullet you will get 100 coins.



Club Penguin Money Maker

Make up to 50,000 coins using Club Penguin Money Maker ,It runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 plus Mac OS X 10.5+ .It gives you money faster than mini games.

Warning : Using Money Maker to get coins may gets you banned specially if you get more than 50,000 coins !

Download Club Penguin Money Maker for Windows
Download Club Penguin Money Maker for Mac

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