Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best Skyrim Mods

This is a collection of best Skyrim mods to get new game experience .Get new high resolution textures , realistic models and customize dragons as you like .Also there are mods to improve game performance and others to play Skyrim online as CORPG .Because it has tons of mods ,there is no limit for Skyrim abilities.





Skyrim Deadly Dragons Mod

This mod improves dragon encounters and make dragons more powerful .It adds a hidden menu accessed only by console to customize dragon health, breath damage , melee damage and armor .Skyrim Deadly Dragons Mod





Skyrim HD Mod

Skyrim HD Mod Skyrim HD Mod Skyrim HD Mod Skyrim HD Mod Skyrim HD Mod Skyrim HD Mod

This mod makes texture enhancement in Skyrim by replacing 600 high definition textures and normal maps for Skyrim .It's 2.2GB big !

Skyrim HD Mod




Skyrim Better Females Mod

High resolution female face texture ,eyebrows ,lips and eye make up .Skyrim Better Females Mod





Skyrim 4GB Mod v1.5

This is a tool allow Skyrim to use 4GB of Virtual Memory ,also it replaces GetTickCount() function in Windows to improve stuttering .Just download and run "Skyrim 4GB .exe" before you run the game .

Download Skyrim 4GB Mod




Skyrim Jaysus Swords Mod

Adds 51 new high quality swords ,knifes and axes for you to craft .All models in this mod have high polygons number for best details .Skyrim Jaysus Swords Mod





Skyrim Multiplayer Mod

This mod turns Skyrim into co-op online game .Although it's in alpha , it has many features such as synchronized weather and time , arena mode and general chat .

Download Skyrim Multiplayer Mod

Showcase Video

Official website




Skyrim NPC Editor

Skyrim NPC Editor mod 2a8fc3fc60cea60fdc9ad3f Change hairstyles, eye color,skills , factions, abilities ,inventory content, spells and many more with Skyrim NPC Editor.

Skyrim NPC Editor Mod




Skyrim Lockpick

Skyrim lockpick mod adds a bar which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock and health of current lockpick while picking a lock .Lockpicking isn't cheating because it can be done manually using console ,but this mod make it easier .Skyrim lockpick mod





Skyrim Mod Managers

  • Curse Client is a mod manager for Skyrim that allow you to install and manage mods and addons with one click .PC Download
    Mac Download

  • Nexus mod manager (NMM) is another tool in install , uninstall and upgrade mods easily in many popular games.You can download Skyrim mods from Nexus site with a built-in download manager that comes with NMM ,then install it automatically .
    Watch this video tutorial about maneging mods with NMM .
    NMM video tutorial
    Skyrim Nexus Mod Manager


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