Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best Crossfire Hacks

             A list of best working Crossfire hacks available to download .Crossfire hacks collection includes Wallhack ,NoRecoil ,NoReload ,FastKnife and other hacks .
Note : Using hacks while playing Crossfire may gets you banned ,so I recommend using hacks to have fun only not for real playing .

Crossfire AYAWMANMIK Pub Hack


Crossfire hack untitled Crossfire hack crossfire20120304

Basically this is a wallhack for Crossfire but also includes a lot of great other abilities such as No Recoil ,No Weight ,No Reload and No Grenade Damage .You can enable/disable each feature using hotkeys .
(Note: To download hack ,scroll down the download page and click "Free Download" then enter captcha)
Download Crossfire Pub Hack

To get more info about this hack read this






CrossFire luizimloko Menu v8.2


Crossfire hack luizimloko Menu semttulo2uk Crossfire hack luizimloko Menu semttulo1suy

This CrossFire hack has many features :Wallhack , NoReload , NoRecoil ,FastKnife , SeeGhost ,No Granade Damage ,NoFallDamage and No knockBack hack .

Download CrossFire luizimloko Menu v8.2






Crossfire wall hack

A simple wallhack for Crossfire to see your enemies through walls .

Download Crossfire wall hack

this hack needs an injector to work , here is a good one :
InjeX Injector

More info about Crossfire wall hack




Crossfire Wallhack + Other

Crossfire STW - WallHack - OHK, 360°, Speed Knife - Weapon Range Multi hack for Crossfire includes : Fast C4 plant & Defuse , Wallhack , Speed Knife ,See Ghosts , No Granade Damage and No Weapon Weight hack .

Download Crossfire Wallhack

This hack has to be injected using InjeX Injector .Download it from here
InjeX Injector

After you run InjeX , select the hack's .dll file then type "Crossfire.exe" under process .Run Crossfire and wait for Gameguard screen to pop-up and click "InejX" .If it says "InjeX'd!" close InjeX .

Cross fire Simple D3D Hack

Crossfire hack luizimloko Menu dqhxtt This is a Cross fire Wallhack with loader ,to learn how to use it watch the video

Download Simple D3D Hack For Crossfire



Crossfire Speed Knife Hack

To installl Crossfire Speed Knife Hack after you download it ,just extract RAR file to get .REZ file .Copy it to Crossfire folder ( C:\SG Interactive\Crossfire Europe\rez ) .
*Update : this hack is Patched right now .
Download Crossfire Speed Knife Hack

Mirror 2


Crossfire Aimbot Hack

Currently there is no clean working Crossfire aimbot .I tried many aimbots for Crossfire and most of them were infected with trojans .I'll add clean working aimbot as soon as possible .

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