Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aion Hacks

Getting tired of playing Aion for many hours to generate Kinah and level up ? Try one of these Aion hacks to develop easily and have more game features such as radar .Aion bots also can help you to heal , hunt and gather resources automatically .ZF6AF5M5RHB7

Aion Item Hack


Aion Hack [2.5 Item.Pak Untradeable]Aion Hack [2.5 Item.Pak Untradeable]

This aion hack allows you to trade untradable item,and soul items .



Aion Radar Hack

Great transparent radar hack for aion . Note : It may causes heavy cpu ,so use a small window.

Aion radar hack 2.6


Aion Items Hack Overpowered

Aion items hack

Overpower your Armor and Weapons using this hack.


Aion Speed Hack - [Speed Hack Inject V 0.1]

Aion Hack [Speed Hack]

Aion Hack [Speed Hack]
Change Aion game speed with this hack easily ,but don't put very high speed number if you have a slow internet conection to to avoid disconnection .


Aion Glide Hack

This Aion Grinding bot is designed for automated XP gain and gold farming. It has simple UI and an advanced waypoint system for patrolling and coping with death, it hunts, fights,gather resources , buffs, heals, and loots all night or even days on end.

Aion Glider

Aion Glider

Aion Glider

Aion Glider

Aion Glider


Aion Bot Hack Ktz

If you want to hunt automatically and level up while you sleep, surly you need this hack .It can also heal yourself and other chars and more features.


Aion kinah hack

Sorry but all aion kinah hacks I tried was infected with viruses , all of them were scams.I didn't find any working Aion Kinah Hack .

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