Monday, October 29, 2012

crossfire wall hack

This is a multi-features hack for Crossfire including 43 abilities :


Wallhack , Chams , Crosshair ,Wall glass ,No smoke , No fall Damage , No flash , Fast C4 defuse ,See ghost ,Super jump hack ,No spread and more .

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cool Minecraft Mods

Minecraft has tons of mods you can download and try ,I made a list of best Minecraft mods including awesome and popular mods developed by community of Minecraft .Although it has almost unlimited ways to play and have fun ,these mods add even more features and abilities to Minecraft .

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

GTA Vice City Cheat Codes

All Cheat Codes you want for GTA Vice City for all platforms (PS2,XBox,PC) .You can use cheat codes to get weapons packs , full health and armor ,fly cars , spawn cars and tanks , change the weather and a lot of funny things.

Note : You can turn off most of cheats by re-entering the same code ,but some of them cannot be turned off.

Modern Warefare 2 Hacks

Tired of looking for free MW2 hacks ? Here is a list of best Modern Warefare 2 hacks for free .You can defeat other hackers with these hacks and have fun .These hacks includes all features you want such as Aimbot , ESP hack , Speed hack ,no-recoil and other MW2 hacks avilable to download

Best Skyrim Mods

This is a collection of best Skyrim mods to get new game experience .Get new high resolution textures , realistic models and customize dragons as you like .Also there are mods to improve game performance and others to play Skyrim online as CORPG .Because it has tons of mods ,there is no limit for Skyrim abilities.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Maplestory Hacks

Do you want to get skills easily in MapleStory ? Try one of best MapleStory hacks and bots to get skills automatically in MapleStory and get items instantly .All you have to do is download a hack and an injector ,then load hack into MapleStory using the injector .

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Resident Evil 4 Mods

Do you want to download new models for Ashly ,new weapons skins and upgrade Resident Evil 4 textures ? Here are the best mods and skins for Resident Evil 4 available to download .

If you have searched for RE4 mods before ,you may have notices many dead links ,but this collection of mods have working links only .Although Resident Evil 4 is an old game ,it still has some fans .

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rakion Hacks

If you are looking for working Rakion hacks ,you are in the right place .I'll show you a collection of free Rakion hacks that gives great features in-game such as Cell hack , God Mode , Rank hack and other hacks .It's easy to use hacks just load it with an injector then activate by hotkeys .
Note : although these hacks are working now , you could get caught and banned later ,so use hacks at your own risk .

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black Ops Mods

Here is a list of best Call of Duty Black Ops Mods including new play mods ,new classes , weapons , sounds and more .It's easy to install new Black Ops mods ,After downloading the mod, extract to this folder : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Call Of Duty Black Ops\Mods"

Metin2 Hacks

Are you having trouble gaining experience points in Metin2 ? Do you want to have special features and powers in game ? Here are the best Metin2 hacks and bots to get what you want .

Metin2 fishing bot , pickup bot and experience bot can save your time and allow you to rise your level quickly .Also speed and attack hacks give you advantage in combat .

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Counter Strike 1.6 mods

Everything you need to know about best counter strike 1.6 mods such as zombie mod , warcraft3 mod and csdm mod .I'll show you where to find and how to download them for your cs 1.6 server .These CS 1.6 modifications transform counter strike into almost new game with many new features and play mods .

Battlefield 3 Hacks

Download free hacks for Battlefield 3 the popular first-person shooter game developed by EA Digital Illusions .Get new abilities in BF3 using Aimbot hack , wall hack , ESP hack and more .There is a lot of paid hacks , but this page contains completely free ones ,there is no need to signup or provide anything just download and enjoy !

S4 League Hacks

Do you know that there are many hacks for S4 League which give you extreme powers in game ? Try one of this list of best S4 League hacks and trainers and enjoy infinite health , infinite ammo , speed hack ,god mode , shoot through walls ,1 hit kill and more special abilities .

Friday, October 12, 2012

Travian Hacks

Download the best free Travian hacks and scripts for auto build , auto attacks and getting enhanced reports and information in game .Use these Travian bots for auto farm and to get a lot of resources easily and schedule tasks.

These hacks will save a lot of your time and let you concentrate on more important things in Travian .Most of professional Travian players use these hacks ,so you have to try them too .

GTA San Andreas Mods

Just because you accomplished all San Andreas missions doesn't mean that the fun is over .There are many cool GTA San Andreas mods you can download to upgrade your game and transform it into almost completely new game .Try new gameplay methods , missions and also new characters .

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Warrock Hacks

Are you a addicted on Warrock hacks ? here you will find a collection of best Warrock hacks to get all super features .You can jump very high using super jump hack ,also there are chams ,wallhack , unlimited ammo and other great hacks .Get a bronze premium using Warrock premium hack .All hacks can be installed and applied easily using injectors .

Cityville Hacks

Here is a list of working hacks for Cityville . Cityville hacks gives you many abilities like adding free Coins,getting full energy or goods , Cash, and leveling you up .Some Cityville hacks makes your crops grow instantly .Beat your frineds easily with these hacks and have a domination in facebook Cityville .

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Counter Strike 1.6 Hacks

All Counter Strike 1.6 hacks you need Aimbot hacks , wallkacks ,ESP hacks , Lambert hack ,NoFlash , NoSmoke ,crosshair hack , radar hack and Speedhack .
Dominate almost any online CS server with these tools , but be careful because some servers can detect them and they will ban you .

Black Ops Hacks

This is a list of free Black ops Hacks available to download .Hacks list contains Black ops Aimbot ,ESP hack and other features .Do not pay for hacks if can download them for free .Have fun and domination in Black ops ,but be careful ,playing with hacks could get you banned !
Note : These Black ops hacks have been tested on Windows 7 x64 .

Monday, October 8, 2012

GTA San Andreas Cheats

Find All kinds of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas cheat codes for PS2 , XBox and PC and game trainers to help you.Get full health,Weapons,Armor and Money ,spawn cars and fly them by using these cheats for San Andreas.

Have fun while playing GTA San Andreas and control everything in game such as police , weather ,skills,game speed and more.

Note: It is not advised to save your game with cheats enabled.

Wolfteam Hacks

Tired of looking for working hacks for Wolfteam ? Here is a list of best Wolfteam hacks including ap hack , lag hack ,trainer ,tutorial hack ,cash hack ,rank hack and other usefull hacks .These hacks don't need a Wolfteam injector because they are auto injected .
Note :If you get caught using Wolfteam hacks, you will most likely get your account banned .

Counter Strike 1.6 Cheat Codes

Do you want to kill enemies in counter strike easily ? .Do you want to have fun with friends and make them fly in counter strike ?

I will give you all cheats codes I know for counter strike 1.6 ,It will gives you full control over the game .Enjoy !

Note:Cheat codes make effect only if typed on server machine .

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best Crossfire Hacks

             A list of best working Crossfire hacks available to download .Crossfire hacks collection includes Wallhack ,NoRecoil ,NoReload ,FastKnife and other hacks .
Note : Using hacks while playing Crossfire may gets you banned ,so I recommend using hacks to have fun only not for real playing .

Counter Strike 1.6 Skins

Are you bored with classic counter strike 1.6 skins ? Do you play counter strike 1.6 online a lot and you want to make a change ? You can download new cool counter strike 1.6 skins easily and have fun .

To use these skins ,just extract into your /Steam/SteamApps/your@account/counter-strike/cstrike -directory .

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aion Hacks

Getting tired of playing Aion for many hours to generate Kinah and level up ? Try one of these Aion hacks to develop easily and have more game features such as radar .Aion bots also can help you to heal , hunt and gather resources automatically .ZF6AF5M5RHB7

Cool Minecraft Texture Packs

Are you bored with classic look of Minecraft ,Why don't you download some cool Minecraft texture packs to have a new look ,you can even download a higher resolution textures .You can download a pack and back to the defult textures easily .Download one of my list of Minecraft texture packs and try it .

Friday, October 5, 2012

Need For Speed World Hacks

Do you want to level up easily in Need for Speed World and unlock new fantastic cars ? There are many NFS World hacks that can save your time , gives you high ranking , speeds up your car and collects money and prestige automatically .Also these is a tool to tune up your car for best performance .
Note : playing NFSW with hacks may gets you banned , so Be careful !

Sims 3 Mods

Are you bored with Sims 3 and you want to make a change ?

There are many cool Sims 3 mods that adds new features to the game .Also there are mods to give you more control over sims body , get skills fast to save your time and change story progression for sims .

Thursday, October 4, 2012

GTA San Andreas Skins

If you play GTA San Andreas a lot ,you may need to refresh your game by downloading new GTA San Andreas Skins .Change CJ to another character like spiderman or batman .You can also download new models for cars and even completely new vehicles .If you are bored with classic GTA SA models , this is exactly what you need .

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Club Penguin Cheat Codes

Do you want to unlock items online for your penguin and make coins fast ? There are many cheat codes for Club Penguin that can save your effort and time , makes you rich easily and gives you cool new items such as Alien Mask ,Costume and Puffle Headphones .
Also there are cool codes to make really funny faces and show special emotions .







Club Penguin Unlock Items Cheat Codes

To enter unlock items cheat codes go to login page ,click "Unlock Items Online" button ,then login and click "I've got a code" button ,now you can enter one of these cheat codes to unlock different items in Club Penguin :

PUMPKIN1 - Get a Pumpkin Hat
UFOANZUG - Get an Alien Costume
HPHONES1 - Cool Puffle Headphones
MMCODE 12 - Get Guitar Shirt
D23EXP11 - Get a Purple Cross-hatched Hoodie
EPFAGENT - Get a EPF Head Visor
UFOMASKE - Get an Alien Mask


Club Penguin Money Cheat Codes

These are cheat codes to get money in Club Penguin , use can enter them like previous cheats .

Code :DECNLR10 - 500 coins
Code :JUNNLR11 - 500 coins
Code :MMCODE11 - 500 coins
Code :MMCODE13 - 2500 coins
Code :TOGETHER - 500 coins
Code :BIGWHITE - 500 coins
Code :SHRIMP64 - 500 coins
Code :J6YELLOW - 500 coins
Code :HADDOCK7 - 500 coins
Code :ARCTIC20 - 500 coins
Code :DRILLOFF - 500 coins
Code :EPFRULES - 500 coins
Code :REDBEARS - 500 coins
Code :3CARAMEL - 500 coins
Code :LOVESNOW - 500 coins
Code :JAZZJAKE - 500 coins


Cool Club Penguin Emotions Codes

make cool smiles , faces and emotions with these cheat codes .Each code is consist of two characters .

Cool Club Penguin Emotions Codes quick keys
E1 ===> laughing face
E2 ===> smiley face
E3 ===> normal face
E4 ===> sad face
E5 ===> surprised face
E6 ===> sticking out tongue face
E7 ===> winking face
E8 ===> sick face
E9 ===> angry face
E0 ===> sad face
ET ===> music note and fart sound
EI ===> Makes an igloo
EP ===> blue puffle
ES ===> skull face
ED ===> sun
EF ===> flower
EG ===> game icon
EH ===> heart
EL ===> fourleaf clover
EZ ===> pizza
EC ===> a cup of coffee
EN ===> moon and stars
EM ===> coin
Shift! ===> large !
Shift? ===> large ?

To get more info about Club Penguin emotions click here.



Club Penguin Easy Money Tips


1.Get 1000 coin bonus in Jet Pack Adventure by avoiding getting any coin until the fuel runs out.

2.To get more than 1000 coins ,play Pizzatron 3000 at the Pizza Parlour on candy mode to get a lot of coins in short time.

3.After you finish or die in pizza game or jet-pack press tab until a yellow box goes around the done or finish .Now press space continuously to get more coins.

4.In Ice Fishing game ,buy a Fishing Rod at the Ski Lodge to get a Grey Fish .Echa Grey Fish worth 8 points ,if you catch the Big Fish called Mullet you will get 100 coins.



Club Penguin Money Maker

Make up to 50,000 coins using Club Penguin Money Maker ,It runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 plus Mac OS X 10.5+ .It gives you money faster than mini games.

Warning : Using Money Maker to get coins may gets you banned specially if you get more than 50,000 coins !

Download Club Penguin Money Maker for Windows
Download Club Penguin Money Maker for Mac