Sony used the line in Sunset Overdrive official announcement of the game and the team is given


If it comes to the Xbox device may seem banal, but it took him Sony recently using the official line of the game in Sunset Overdrive announcing your cuts her shop has attracted some attention.As you can see below,The font used by Sony is also the font used in the game of Sunset Overdrive also in the form of news, the developers took the time to respond to this by saying that they are pleased that the “Department of the Playstation” is also excited Of the game. Read more »

Super Meat Boy developers Ahawkon to a new part of the game


It seems that we will get a game Meat Boy away from the new game Super Meat Boy Forever, which was the share of smartphones.Team Team Meat made through his account on Twitter suspense to a new address for PLAYED successful, no sourceD hint about anything related to them and that was under development for some time thinking about the team or start working on it soon, so the Read more »

Compared to the graphics version of the past and the current generation of game LittleBigPlanet 3

Game LittleBigPlanet 3 issued for portable Playstation home for the past and the present generation, and we get a chance to see the differences between the two versions of this video, the difference does not seem large and clear that the game will provide a good experienceE on the two devices, the game in the final version may appear better compared to what we saw in the beta of the game.The game made for the end of next month Plays Read more »

.: Jagged Alliance Flashback – Trainer Released!



        &nb Read more »

Baseball bat as a weapon would be an excellent game of Dying Light

Game Action and survival of the development team Techland and dissemination of Warner Bros for the current generation devices and the former home and the personal computer and scheduled Asaddaraha month of January next year will be presented with a lot of options to eliminate AlzumbDiscriminate game.One of which is the baseball bat, which we review the company’s video display capabilities above and see it’s time to watch a lot Read more »

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