With the end of the events of the Tokyo Game Show "Share your impressions"

Today officially ended the events of the Tokyo Game Show OHare major exhibitions that belong to the players and the detection of new titles and other surprises.Now it’s time to hear the views of gamers from visitors to our site, what are the best playIts been disclosed and what do you think of the exhibition is the total?Personally, review game Final Fantasy 15 was the main event for me, finally game Final Fantasy new and specifically Part V ten, which was announced over 2006 entitled Last, things look encouraging, with the game on a technical level, and I hope the fact that the final product Read more »

Bloody horror game Neverending Nightmares issued the end of this month


Neverending Nightmares horror game myself very bloody yard games coming from independent developers, and wants to try it, it would be possible to end this month.The game made for the PC platform via Steam in addition to the device OUYA POn 26 September, and where you are escorted by Thomas in his nightmare full of ghosts and frightening objects, despite the simple drawings but the game is bloody and violent and full of disgusting scenes.You can get the game compared to 14Acknowledges dollars Read more »

Kadokawa will announce four projects and a new game from From Software


The year is not over yet, and still enough time for companies to advertise their games for the coming year, according to this news will announce the Kadokawa is not about one game or Atttin but five new games.According to the transfer site Dualshockers in an interview with the director of sales and public relations officer, the company Kadokawa will be announced during a press conference in November for five new projects, including one of the studio From Software modern property.Not sulcusIh for anything yet, but I do not include projects Read more »

Display the first teaser for the game cycling RIDE developers MotoGP

Milestone studio made famous simulation game of motorcycle racing MotoGP announces his new project away from his series, the new title carries RIDE name and will allow you to participate in the races to choose one among the most100 bicycle race, as the game will contain a range of different race tracks around the world.The game got an offer Teaser first note it issued to the personal computer and the Xbox hardware and Playst Read more »

To watch the demo of the game Resident Evil: Revelations 2 accurately high-definition

Previously we saw a presentation of Dimo ​​game Resident Evil: Revelations 2 through Tokyo-resolution attic and today we see a clear presentation reviewing us more than 15 minutes of play.Asaddaraha scheduled game time early in the year maceBlood on the devices of the present generation and the previous and the personal computer will be issued Ekhalqat initially on a weekly basis before Read more »

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