Infamous: First Light | Review Infamous: First Light


In the first quarter of this year was the game Infamous: Second Son a great outlet for the PS4 lovers who were waiting for the first Hsryatem huge device in the new year. The game received a positive turnout from critics and players and was Of the most prominent advantages that it has reviewed the capabilities of PS4 very well. Delsin was the hero of the first part of the game, and was in control of most of the events, but there was at his side in parts of the female game character interesting and is Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker. The development team decided to provide a downloadable content for th Read more »

TAKE 2 games distributor in Britain: GTA V coming to current generation devices and PC on November 14

Now it looks even vaguely regarding the issuance of a copy of the current generation devices and personal computer game GTA V, since the detection of an exhibition game E3 and the plan was issued Boukrev this year and now we’re entering autumn without getting MoCounting official version.Company Exertis Gem distributor for Games TAKE 2 in Britain monitored the date of issuance of the game on 14 November, the fact can not rely on an official source as the date for this version of the game, but something more sReap the official we got so far in light of the company’s publisher and discreetly ALAC Read more »

Showing playing a new game Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 under development so far, but nothing prevents the display we get to play a new game show on the occasion of Pax, we can see a major development in the game by adding backgrounds, as the emergence of Read more »

TV advertising for the game One Piece: Super Grand Battle X

The new fighting game series adapted from the famous Japanese One Piece from Bandai Namco issued in November next Japanese markets and the company’s advertising campaign begins publisher of the game early.Today we see the first announcement damageZione of the game provided by our development team Jnbrion the portable Nintendo 3-DS and so far Lai Read more »

Haunted House returns after a long absence

Gallery PAX Prime this year is witnessing the return of Atari Corporation of life again, not only with the game Alone in the Dark series, but the return of the classic game Haunted House for new PCs, titled Haunted House: Cryptic Graves Teaser.The game turned to horror game and the first gas perspective Alribot for this series without revealing the team that stands behind it, this fall is the date of the issuance of the game and above origination Read more »

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