Nordic Games company get the game platforms de Blob


Many titles disappeared disappearance of THQ Inc., one of them a game de Blob, which has been able, despite its popularity to attract small more than one player.Nordic Games is interested in the game and see the ability to invest in this title and benefit from independentNone, so bought the brand name de Blob and everything related to it. Nordic Games already got a brand THQ and can marketing their games under this name, as can the use of pain Read more »

Disclosure of studio product and team work Anime Blood Blockade Battlefront


In an earlier news was the announcement of the manga for Blood Blockade Battlefront on Anime, and expectations were that hangs in the Mad House studio is the product by virtue of their production to the work of the previous writer (Gungrave – Trigun), but all these WaltThe projections were wrong, where it was officially announced that the big studio BONES is the one who will be produced, and directed by the artist Ms. Rie MATSUMOTO and its one of the best works of the past year Kyousogiga, and also in the team UncleWe have to find Mr. Kazunao FURUYA writer of the texts and the coordinator of t Read more »

Officially set a date display Part III of Kuroko’s Basketball


Shonen Jump weekly magazine officially announced that the third part of the owner of the popular sports anime sweeping Kuroko’s Basketball, will be introduced sooner than we thought, where it will be displayed in the month of January 2015 “season The winter. “From apparently on the verge of hot winter the amount of expected business season Read more »

The Evil Within demo is available for free on the computer experiment and toy with each copy purchased


If you would like to receive Game The Evil Within the PC, this is a golden opportunity to do so, although you are hesitant, this presentation suitable to you without a doubt.Starting today you can play The Evil Withi experiencen free through the first three quarters, can follow what you come to him after Bagtnaúkm of the game, if you wish to get in the game gives you a reduction in Bethesda Free up 15% and the game of The Call of Cthulhu.Not yAccording to you, but you can get the Season Pass to reduce the allocation Read more »

Cleaver electric joins the list of weapons of Dying Light

A new day and a review of weapon “strange” new perspective of the first game of survival of the Dying Light Techland development and deployment of Warner Bros, which is now exclusive to the current generation devices and the PC version after the abolition of termHousehold jolt previous generation.Today we recognize the discharged electric cleaver, through the game you will have all the freedom to manufacture weapons that will help you to survive through the integration of the elements together, Dying Light issued Read more »

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