You will learn about the capabilities of Shisui Uchiha for the first time a game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution


Naruto game to new devices Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and PC issued the month of September and will be charged with a new chapter of the story we have not seen before, whether or Palmannaga Anime.It is during this week’s issue of the journal cJapanese MP has been detected a new chapter in the story of the game will focus on the personal Shisui Uchiha and writing Almannagaka behind the series of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto and you will learn through the chapter on the capabilities of this mysterious figure and use it for oneMonths of techniques Alochha “Susanoo”, you inhabitants of the magazine to Read more »

.: Smugglers 5 – 10 Years Anniversary – Trainer Released!


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More listings from Sony this week, and a picture of what looks like a small-sized device PS4


It seems that Sony has some pleasant surprises this week, after four days, counting from the day yesterday, April 14, Chris Owen the Community Manager to sign the Playstation in Europe, wrote a series of tweets accompanied by BossSubject to what the device looks like a small PS4.Chris said that there are many new news coming this week, and added that it would be four days after starting the day yesterday, as we mentioned, the image associated with his account in the PTwitter me show what looks like a device the Playstation 4 is small in size.The device can be an external hard drive, can also b Read more »

.: Men Of War Assault Squad 2 – Trainer Released!


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Showing launch Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

As planned, the role-playing game from Atlus that bears the name Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars derogatory backpacker on two of the Vita and the 3DS just a digital copy, you collect a special team to save the world and you Aterra humiliationK Aki_aq number of stages Read more »

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