.: Todays News!

Some updates beeing worked on, at a slow pace but none the less.
Some new trainers in works with a abit more focus on those.
One of those named Dragon Age 3 Inquisition and a Lego Batman 3 perhapse.

Credits : ~LinGon

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.: Far Cry 4 – Trainer Up Next!


Trainer for this game title will be available soon!

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Showing launch game adventures Never Alone

Not much remains to experience the game platforms and adventures Never Alone, the game that made the PC hardware and the Xbox One and Playstation 4 takes you on a journey to the people of Alaska Legends and focus on storytelling is simple.Milk Read more »

The official presentation of the game Tales from the Borderlands studio Telltale

Telltale Games is now working on the game Tales from the Borderlands, a game that takes place after the second part of a series of studio Gearbox will be issued for the PC, devices and the Xbox and Playstation to Jilin, addition of the iOS, more devices to be announced later, as is usually the studio and you can get an idea of Read more »

Review of two copies of the PS4 and Vita from Rimastr Grim Fandango happened in PS Experience

From attending games in the PlayStation Experience event Rimastr game Grim Fandango, the game will be playable on the Playstation 4 in addition to review a copy of the PS Vita for the first time, studio Double Fine will announce something Ă‚Another in the same occasion on what appear to Read more »

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